Yarn hairiness importance factors and effect

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Yarn hairiness importance factors and effect:


The spun yarn structure is much more complex than the continuous filament yarn structure. When the yarn is examined by collecting samples by random sampling after twisting the yarn, the difference between the spinning in the single length of the yarn and the difference in the weight in the single length is observed. As a result, the yarn becomes thick or thin in places. Also, the ends of the tiny fibers stick out from the main body of the yarn. The head or edge of this tiny fiber is called yarn hairiness. The main difference between continuous filament yarn and span yarn is hairiness. In the case of spun yarn, it is not possible to avoid hairiness. https://bdfabric.com/causes-of-yarn-irregularity-and-its-effect/

Hairy Effect On Fabric

Yarn hairiness importance factors and effect-Importance of hairiness:

Yarn hairiness can sometimes be desirable. However, in most cases, hairiness is undesirable. This yarn is important in making special types of decorative fabrics with hairline yarn and this yarn. Again, if considered undesirable, the color receptivity of the yarn, handle, use finishing process, size up, etc. depends on the hairiness. Hairiness yarn is an important event in this regard. However, the importance of measuring and controlling hairlines, whether desired or undesirable, is immense. https://bdfabric.com/role-of-yarn-on-fabrics-properties/

Factors affecting yarn hairiness:

In general, if the twist of the yarn increases its hairiness decreases, and if the twist is less, the hairiness increases. High-count yarns such as thin yarn have less hairiness than thick count yarn. Because the cross section of thin yarn has less fiber than the cross section of thick yarn. The protruding surface of yarn has more protruding or hair dye absorption at its surface than the fiber of the main body, so hairy fibers are darker than the body. As well as the difference in the two yarn hairiness due to its effect on the fabric is observed.

Yarn hairiness importance factors and effect-Effect of hairiness:

The fibers coming out of the body on the surface of the yarn are the cause of hairiness. Yarn hairiness causes the following problems with the quality of yarn and fabric –

1. Hairiness gives the yarn blurred visibility and reduces the brightness of the yarn.

2. Hairiness affects the proper sizing process of the yarn.

3. Hairiness increases the rate of yarn tearing during the weaving process.

4. Fabrics through the creation of a yarn weft bar with hairiness destroy the quality.

5. Polyester/cotton blended yarn produces more cocoons due to hairiness.

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