Working process of uster evenness tester

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Working process of uster evenness tester:


The uster Evenness Tester is a sophisticated and informative device. With the help of this instrument, in addition to the chart, the imperfections of the test object can be found in a single length directly from the meter placed with the instrument in mathematical numbers. There is also an average difference in the percentage of test objects according to the model and version of the instrument and print copies of all these results are available.

External features of the uster evenness tester device:

The external features of the uster Evenness Tester are discussed below.

1. Measuring Capacitor:

The test object is driven through the measuring capacitor. There are eight capacitors for testing sliver from fine yarn.

2. Creel:

Creel holds the test object in place and helps in easy delivery.

3. Guide:

The guide places the test object in the correct position in the center of the capacitor and maintains the shape of the object as required.

4. Traverse rollers:

With the help of these two rollers, the object is pulled through the capacitor. Its speed is usually 10 to 400 meters/min.

uster evenness tester

5. Imperfection indicator:

In this part, the amount of thick place, thin place, naps, etc. between the objects under test is shown on the monitor in mathematical numbers. The unit also has a knob to control the speed of the test and another knob to determine the type of irregularity.

6. Monitor or indicator:

Here the average difference or coefficient of difference (C.V) of the test object is displayed.

7. Data processor and printer:

With the help of a data processor, all the information processed by the test object is printed out through the printer machine

Working principle of uster evenness tester:

Working process of uster evenness tester. The instrument is operated by determining the measuring capacitor of the instrument according to the type of test object, test time, speed, type of measurement of irregularity, etc. There are two oscillators A and B in the control part of the instrument. When there is nothing in the measuring capacitor, the vibration levels of the two oscillators remain the same.

But when the box is entered between the capacitors, the difference in vibration levels of the two oscillators can be seen based on the measurement of the material. The change is converted to a mathematical signal via the appropriate electrical circuit displayed on the Imperfection Indicator and at the same time, the pen recorder is turned on to display the average difference or CV of the difference in the indicator. Charts of these results are displayed on the monitor and the results are obtained by printing through a printer.

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