Working process of super lap former

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Working process of super lap former:


The modern method of making a mini lap using a straight drawing sliver in a modern way without using a sliver lap machine and ribbon lap machine is called super lap former. Mini lap ribbon lap made by Super Lap Former weights more than a single lap.

Purpose of super lap former:

The objectives of Super Lap Former are given below

1. Creating a more balanced lap.

2. Since the drawing sliver is used, the fiber is more straight and parallel.

3. Lap is prepared through more drafting and doubling.

4. Unlike other mini lap formers, the super lap former also makes the lap suitable for use in combing.

5. The production of super lap formers is much higher.

6. The mini lap is prepared by doubling it with several slivers at once.

Description of super lap former:

This device has three krill for inserting the sliver which is mounted in three lines at a 90° angle with the device. Each side of the krill has 10 to 20 slivers. As a result, a lap can be made by doubling 60 mattresses. The slivers move forward through the guide roller and detecting roller separately. The machine automatically shuts off when a sliver slips or runs out, and the signal lamp on the krill that has a sliver or ends shines, making it easier for the driver to identify. 10 slivers on each side move side by side and 10 slivers on the other side take a position on them.

Working process of super lap former. The slivers thus enter the drafting zone at the width of 10 but twice the thickness at the end of each krill. Rollers in the drafting area are arranged vertically in a two-over-3 manner. Where (1-over-2) is the feed roller in one-over-two mode. Due to the position of the feed roller, the bottom feed roller can be set very close to the drafting roller. As a result, tiny fiber control is better. Here, after drafting the slivers, the flattened layers of fiber are twisted out through a pair of calendar rollers and fall on the feed table at right angles, leading to delivery.

Fiber layers from the three drafting zones in the feed table are positioned one on top of the other, forming another pair of high-pressure calendar rollers in the delivery section. This lap is finally prepared by patching the bobbin according to the previous machine rules and feeding it to the combing machine.

Machine Specification

The draft is = 3.6

Doubling = 60: 1

The weight of the lap is = 20p/ 30p

Lap weight per yard = 60 grains /100 grains

Production = 500 pound / hour

Efficiency = 95%

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