Working process of sliver lap machine

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Working process of sliver lap machine:


Laps are made by arranging them side by side with carding or drawing slivers. This machine is called Sliver Lap Machine because the slivers are arranged side by side and up and down to create laps in the form of thin sheets through doubling and drafting. This machine sometimes uses a direct carding sliver instead of a drawing sliver. After making the sliver lap, the ribbon lap machine is needed again to give the doubling.

Purpose of sliver lap machine:

The purpose of the sliver lap machine is mentioned below.

1. In many cases, the slivers are arranged side by side, and the lap is made by doubling together.

2. Flattening and aligning the fibers by drafting.

3. Make the lap as thin as possible so that the needle can easily enter the combing.

4. Eliminate carded sliver inequalities as much as possible.

5. Making a mini lap by minimizing the number of hooks in the middle of the sliver.

Sliver Lap Machine

Description of sliver lap machine:

On the back of the device is a V-shaped or square feed table where the slivers (14 to 20 depending on the shape of the lap) from the carding machine are fed directly. From here, the sliders move forward through the guide rollers. Stop machines so that the machine can be shut down as soon as a sliver is torn. The slivers then enter into two pairs of heavier and larger diameter calendar rollers with a slight draft, about 4 to 6, through the conventional three-roller drafting system. Under the pressure of these two calendar rollers, the loose strands of the sliver grip tightly so that there is no locking, and the integrated sliver creates a beautiful mini lap of 9 to 12 widths.

The lap of most of these assembled slivers is wrapped around a wooden roller with considerable pressure. This wooden roller moves through the friction of a fairly large bowl moving directly from the gearing. The edges of the fabricated lap are protected by two galvanized metal sheets on either side to prevent any damage. A wooden lap roller is called a bobbin. It is attached to a bearing spindle attached to this galvanized metal sheet so that the bobbin can rotate nicely.

Working process of sliver lap machine:

The machine shuts off automatically for a certain pressure when the bobbin is full. Then when the driver presses on a pedestal under the device, the galvanized metal sheet on both sides of the bobbin becomes a bit cracked, so that the bobbin with the lap can be released. This time the driver removes the full bobbin, puts an empty bobbin in that place, and leaves the footing so that the machine is ready to make a new lap again.

Like the drawing frame, there is a need to change the draft as required. It is also possible to increase or decrease the weight of the produced lap by reducing the number of feed slivers. The speed from the meter goes directly to the calendar roller, from where one speed through the gear or chain goes to the lap roller and the other to the drafting roller and guide roller. Typically the production capacity of this device ranges from 450 to 500 pounds.

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