Working process of ribbon lap machine

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Working process of ribbon lap machine:


The final lap, i.e. the ribbon lap, is made from the sliver lap machine to create a more parallel and balanced lap. This ribbon lap is fed to the combing machine in a conventional manner. The weight of a single length is lighter than that of a sliver lap, and the subsequent process is wrapped in ribbon for ease of use.

Purpose of Ribbon Lap Machine:

The purpose of the Ribbon Lap Machine is as follows:

1. The final lap, i.e. ribbon lap, is made by doubling 6 to 8 laps produced from the sliver lap machine.

2. Laps are doubled and drafted.

3. The fibers are straight and parallel.

4. The weight of the unit length of the lap is reduced.

5. A more balanced lap is made and wrapped in ribbon to facilitate krill.

Description of ribbon lap machine:

Ribbon lap machines usually have 6 to 8 heads. According to the number of heads of the ribbon lap machine from the lap obtained from the sliver lap machine, 6 to 8 lap feeds are placed in the feed krill. Each lap proceeds individually through the four-krill drafting method to become the required draft.

Where they are taken flat on a smooth steel table without turning into a sliver on a special kind of curved sheet. Here the thin layer of fibers is rotated at right angles to the delivery under special pressure under special arrangements. The layers of these fibers move in their direction below the level in front of them, and all the layers gradually take a position one below the other, eventually forming a layer. This combined (6 to 8) layer is then driven through 1 or 2 pairs of calendar rollers, where the layers form a connecting lap with high pressure.

Working process of ribbon lap machine. The ribbon lap machine is finally patched on a wooden or plastic bobbin like the sliver lap machine to make the final lap for feeding to the combing machine. In this machine also, according to the previous machine, the calendar goes directly from the meter to the calendar roller, from where the speed is supplied to the lap roller and feed roller. Typically a sliver lap and a ribbon lap machine can supply lap to comb machines.

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