Wool fabric printing by reactive dye

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Wool fabric printing by reactive dye:


Wool natural protein fiber, which is derived from animals. All impurities in the wool are removed by the scouring and bleaching process before printing. Chlorination is done to prevent shrinkage of wool and to increase the absorption capacity of dyestuff. Wool is very sensitive to alkali, so any color that needs to be applied with alkali is dangerous for wool. Reactive class Procion, Acid Dye, Direct and Basic Dyestuff are commonly used for printing woolen fabrics. https://bdfabric.com/ingredients-of-printing-paste/

Wool fabric printing by reactive dye:

Direct style:

Because of the reactive group in Procilan Dyes, it creates strong chemical linkages with wool fibers. Washing fastness and light fastness is very good for this dye.

Printed wool fabric

Wool fabric printing recipe:

Procilanreactive Dye → 30%

Urea is dissolved  → 50%

Water (boiling 80°C) →  400%

Myprogum AC → 500%

Perminal KB →  10%

Sodium bicarbonate → 10%

Total printing paste → 1000%

Printing process:

Procilanreactive dye and urea are dissolved in boiling water. This solution is applied to the MyProgum Thickener and then to the perminal KB. After that Sodium bicarbonate is added just before printing.

The chlorinated wool cloth is printed and dried by the mentioned printing paste. The cloth is then steamed for 30 minutes. Clothes are washed in cold water while open. The cloth is then treated for 3 minutes at a temperature of 80°C in a solution of 2% Lisapol ND mixture in 1000% water. Afterward it is washed well in cold water and dried.

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