Why is yarn combing necessary

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Why is yarn combing necessary:

The combing process is not required for all types of yarn. Unless otherwise stated, combing is usually done for thinner yarn, that is, more than 40/1 counts of yarn. We know from the characteristics of cotton fibers that a cotton lot has a wide variety of properties, which is equally applicable to its length. So if we take the fiber from that lot and examine its length, then it can be seen that there are also scales of length less than half of the working length in that lot, which are called small fibers. https://bdfabric.com/objectives-necessity-and-importance-of-combing/

Why is yarn combing necessary. In the case of yarn making, these tiny fibers are out of control during drafting, regardless of whether it is thick or thin, resulting in irregularity in the yarn. The higher this draft, the greater the irregularity. Since, in the case of thin yarns, more drafts are applied than in the case of thick yarns, the presence of small fibers increases the irregularity in the thin yarns. As a result, the quality of the yarn produced deteriorates. This is why combing is done in the case of thin yarn i.e. in the case of the fine or high number of yarns combing is done for the following purposes.

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1. The finer the yarn, the higher the draft. Again, we know that the higher the draft, the greater the irregularity of the yarn, which increases due to the tiny fibers in the yarn. For this, small fibers are removed with the help of the combing process to make fine yarn.

2. In the case of fine yarn, it is better to give fewer twists. But if it has small fibers, then you have to pay more twist. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to remove the small fibers.

3. To see the fine yarn must be shiny. But tiny fibers are a hindrance, in this case, the presence of tiny fibers makes the yarn dull.

4. The C.S.P value of fine yarn must be higher. But if there are small fibers in the yarn, this value is bound to decrease.

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