what is the definition of grind, methods

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what is the definition of grind, methods? The need for the grind? Grind is the process of sharpening the blunt and broken wires of cylinders, duffers, tacker-ins, flats, etc. to get the edges of the wires of different rollers of the carding machine correct.

As the machine continues to run, the various rollers of the machine such as cylinders, duffers, flats, and tacker-in surfaces become dull due to the metal wires which lose their efficiency. good carding is not possible and the quality of the produced silver is not accurate. Knaps etc. are found in the sliver. Grinding the wires is necessary to solve the above problem.

 what is the definition of grind-The need for grind

The requirements for grinding on the wires of the rollers of the carding machine are as follows.

1. Grinding is required to borrow the wires of different rollers.

2. Wires lose their efficiency due to dullness, so grinding is required to sharpen dull wires.

3. Regular grinding of wires is essential for getting good quality carding.

4. Grinding of wires is required to improve the quality of the produced sliver.

5. Grinding of wires is required to get KNEPS and other waste-free slivers.

Description of the methods of grinding system

Two types of grinding tools are commonly used in the industry.

1. Full Width Grinding roller or Dead roll Grinding roller.

2. Traverse wheel grinder.

Grind Roller

Full Width Grinding roller or Dead roll Grinding roller

|Such a device involves grinding one along the entire width of a long roller carding machine. These tools are also called long roll grinding rollers for the rollers along this long width. When very high-speed grinding is required, it is used. The wires of the carding machine usually used for making low and middle-count yarn are ground by this type of grinding machine. This device has a long roll or drum with an abrasive seat on the surface. As a result, it can cut and smooth the wires by rubbing. Currently, the surface of the roller is coated surface by cobranded abrasive. As a result, it can easily grind wires. This method is very simple, operating, and very simple. It is possible to grind cylinders and other rollers by setting them with the stand of the carding machine and fastening them with belts with cylinder driving pulleys.


1. This method is very simple.

2. Less expensive.

3. Low maintenance cost.

4. Grinding requires less time.


If the grinder can be bent in the middle, then excessive grinding in the middle position of the cylinder and other rollers causes damage to the machine.

Traverse Wheel Grinder:

 Such a device involves grinding gently from one end to the other along the width of a six abrasive wheel carding machine. It is the cylinder of the carding machine or other Continue from one end of the roller to the other end and continues grinding the wires of the rotating rollers. Travers wheel grinder is also carding according to full width. The machine is stuck in the stand and turned on. There is a need for a separate meter. Slowly complete the wire Grinding continues. The device is designed in such a way that the wheel can move slowly from one end to the other. This type of grinding roller is also called a horse roll grinding roller.


1. Grinding is very good which means no defects are seen.

2. It is usually used in high-quality cotton used carding machines.

3. Grinding is balanced.


1. More time is required for grinding.

2. The cost is relatively high.

3. The method is relatively complex.

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