What is quality control circle

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What is quality control circle:


The use of talent and creativity of the workers in the workplace and the idea of ​​wide participation of the workers in the decision-making work of the industry is a centuries-old idea of ​​sociologists and entrepreneurs. Prominent sociologist Mac Gregor made the following remarks about workers in his famous Y Theory. https://bdfabric.com/the-construction-process-of-the-control-chart/

1. Ordinary workers find work as normal and enjoyable as sports, leisure.

2. People are ambitious in the right environment.

3. An average worker has outstanding potential and abilities that can be scrutinized in the right environment.

4. The job of the management is to create the right work environment so that the employees can display their maximum talent and creativity and participate in the decision-making work of the company.

Extensive efforts have been made over the last century to enable employees to showcase their talents and creativity and participate in decision-making. However, the Japanese played a leading role in this regard. In the sixties of the twentieth century, they developed a system called Quality Control Circle, which proved to be very helpful in applying the talent and creativity of the workers and their participation in the decision-making work. https://bdfabric.com/importance-of-control-chart-in-textile-industries/

Quality control circle:

The quality control circle is a problem-solving team formed on a relatively independent voluntary basis. A small group of employees involved in similar work in the same section is associated with this circle. Identify and solve problems related to the quality and productivity of the products produced by the organization. As a result, not only the quality and productivity of the products of the organization increases but also the loyalty and love of the employees towards the organization increases.

Quality Control Team

The circle usually consists of 4 to 10 members, who meet for one hour once a week to identify problems in the workplace and take action. This team has a leader, under whose leadership all the activities of the quality control circle are conducted. Usually, the supervisor becomes the team leader. The functioning and effectiveness of the Quality Control Circle largely depend on the experience and leadership qualities of the team leader.


The features of the Quality Control Circle are as follows:

1. The Quality Control Circle is a problem-solving team.

2. The Quality Control Circle is a voluntary team.

3. Members of the Quality Control Circle come from the same workplace.

4. Members are well aware of their work and problems.

5. They work based on team creativity.

6. They are free to identify and solve their problems.

7. The Quality Control Circle has to make arrangements to provide expert services where necessary.

8. The members of the circle take all the steps to solve the problem.

9. The quality of their workplace issues is a matter of quality circle.

The function of quality control circle:

The functions of the Quality Control Circle are as follows

1. Identify and solve problems.

2. Trying to understand the continuous development and solution of product quality.

3. Continuous development of product productivity and finding solutions.

4. Keep machines, workplaces, and floors clean.

5. Keep the dining room, toilet, etc. clean.

6. Motivate colleagues to do the above.

7. The Quality Control Circle saves the management from the pain of the problem.

8. Increases the effectiveness of the organization by using team strength, talent, and creativity.

Work procedures of quality control circle:

1. The Quality Control Circle will meet for at least one hour a week.

2. The circle will take up any problem in the workplace and present it at the meeting.

3. They will analyze the problem, sort out the causes and solve it.

4. They will analyze the problems and submit the solutions to the appropriate authorities.

5. They will implement the solution if the appropriate authorities approve.

6. After the solution, they will observe and evaluate the situation.

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