What is jute waste

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What is jute waste:

Today I am going to tell you about what is jute waste in textile spinning so let’s begin.

The following wastage is found in the jute spinning section.

1. Wastage sliver

2. Wastage yarn

3. Cutting yarn

4. Caddis

5. Dust and short fiber wastage

1. Wastage sliver:

The back of the spinning frame is arranged in a sliver can. If the sliver is removed and re-inserted from the can or if the sliver is torn, the piece of sliver is wasted, and this is the wastage sliver. Sometimes this waste is increased due to the negligence of the spinner. Sliver wastage can be reduced with proper supervision, Wastage sliver is reused. https://bdfabric.com/what-is-piecing-of-yarn-in-textile-spinning/

Jute Fiber

2. What is jute waste-Wastage yarn:

In the spinning frame, a spinner pulls out the end of the yarn to cut or tear off the needle for piecing after the yarn breaks during production, this is a wastage yarn. Which can be re-run on a teaser card machine and used for low-quality counts. https://bdfabric.com/jute-spinning-frame-and-its-objectives/

3. What is jute waste-Cutting yarn:

It is a type of hard waste, 1 or 2 twisted of yarn left in the bobbin, spinning or helper cutting with a knife in the winding section, which is difficult to reuse. The teaser card can be used to produce low-quality yarn by mixing some while running caddis or cuttings.

4. Caddis:

Short or tiny fibers float with the wind and accumulate on the surface of the machine, on the floor, etc., which is called caddis. Caddis fiber is not recyclable but is sometimes used to produce low-quality yarn to reduce production costs.

5. Dust and short fiber wastage:

During the production of yarn in the spinning section, tiny fibers with dusty sand are found on the floor. Which are dust and short fiber wastage. This waste is not usable.

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