What is garment Definition Introduction

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What is garment Definition Introduction? Garments are any garments intended for use in the human body which is made of fabrics or other textile materials. The fabric is made more attractive by adding different design patterns etc. on the fabric. In other words, it is also called readymade garments.

What is garment Definition Introduction-Introduction

People wear clothes to ward off shame, develop personality and protect themselves from adverse weather. It is also important to consider how comfortable the clothes are or how harmful they are to the body. For that, it is necessary to select clothes of certain qualities and prepare clothes of certain qualities.

The characteristics of garment cloth:

there are three types of garment cloth

  1. Woven cloth
  2. Dyed and printed cloth
  3. Knitted cloth

1. Woven cloth: Gray cloth is available in two types. One is Woven cloth and the other is Knitted Cloth. Woven cloth is the fabric that is woven into the loom through interlacement with warp and weft yarn. These fabrics are usually stiff. The elasticity of this fabric is very low. That is, if this cloth is pulled, it does not increase. These fabrics can be used to make different types of clothes, such as shirts, pants, saris, lungi, pajamas, coats, jackets, furnishing cloths, door-window curtains, bedsheets, etc.

 On the other hand, the fabric that is made by making a loop with the help of the needle of the knitting machine is called knitted cloth. This fabric is very soft. The elasticity of this fabric is very high. T-shirts, trousers, skirts, underwear, briefs, swimming costumes, sportswear, socks, sweaters, mufflers, etc. can be made with this fabric.

2. Dyed and Printed cloth: The process by which dye and chemicals are used to make cloth dyed evenly everywhere is called dyeing cloth. Printing is the process that is color by one or more colors on a certain part of the cloth

 After collecting the gray cloth from the loom, the dyeing, printing, and finishing process is done to make the cloth attractive. The use of gray cloth in our daily life is extremely limited. Almost all the fabrics we use have some of the other finishing methods applied. Different fabrics are processed differently according to use. Gray cloth is bleached for white cloth or white color is applied. Gray fabrics are dyed, printed, and finished for making shorts, suits, saris, blouses, bedsheets, etc. The fabric is dyed, printed, and finished according to the use of the fabric.

3. Knitted cloth: The fabric that is made by making a loop through the needle with the help of a knitting machine is called Knitted cloth. Knitted fabrics are extremely soft. This fabric stretches when stretched along the length or width. Its expansion and contraction capacity is high. Knitted fabrics are usually useless twisted yarn. Knit fabrics are used to make T-shirts, trousers, skirts, underwear, beef, swimming costumes, etc. This fabric is mostly used in making sports clothes.

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