What do textile engineers do

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What do textile engineers do? Why do the textile industry owners give them high-paying jobs?

What do textile engineers do? Many people sneeze when they hear the name of a textile engineer, they say what kind of engineering is this, what kind of engineering of clothes?
Eighty percent of people do not know that a textile engineering job does not mean textile engineering.
It is a complete manufacturing-based process where an engineer has to work on everything from machine setup to process control, product development, gear mechanism, and maintenance.
Spinning engineers need to know program input. Weight processing engineers have to be first-class chemical engineers.

NASA scientists who have been working to send people into space for a long time have recruited countless textile engineers. Employed in research to make space suits and nanofiber, carbon fiber shields.
Most recently, BUET has started using non-oven jute technology in the field of civil engineering as a geo-textile. In fact, the subject of textile engineering has the most similarities with IPE engineering and mechanical engineering.

However, although many people have allergies as a profession, only the textile engineers in Bangladesh have started branding at the international level under the tag “Made in Bangladesh”.
Nowadays many organizations (such as Walton) claim that they are branding Bangladesh, does anyone know how many people use Walton in the crowd of thousands of international brands?
H&M, the world’s second-largest jeans brand, carries 1.3 billion US dollars worth of products annually from Bangladesh alone.

How many of us who are accustomed to watching Hollywood movies today know that all these celebrities know the name of Bangladesh as a brand?
From Grade One jerseys, Nato camouflage dresses to Diesel, Reebok, Nike, Puma, who doesn’t depend on the textile products of this country?
And those who have introduced Bangladesh as a brand in the court of the world are the e-textile engineers of this country.

The international community has declared Bangladesh as the next China in the textile sector.
Feel proud to be a textile engineer. ”
Hopefully, many of those who don’t know have made mistakes.
Some Tips for Admissions Many people have asked if it is possible to get a job outside (abroad) after reading the textile. Again Many have asked if there is an opportunity to study abroad after studying here.
The answer to all the questions is yes. Now let’s hope that any department is good for reading.
Before that, the names of the 4 departments and their work are not mentioned

1- Yarn Manufacturing Engineering:
Basically, the job is to make yarn from fiber.

2- Fabric Manufacturing Engineering:
The main task is to prepare the fabric by weaving or knitting from the yarn.

3- Wet processing Engineering:
Basically, the job is to dye the fabric or yarn.

4- Apparel Manufacturing Engineering:
Basically, the job is to dye or cut, and sew the finished fabric and make it suitable for export.
Now let’s hope we read on any subject.

That too depends on you. You also have to decide what you want to study. I can only help you a little here.
First, decide which sector you will do well in?
If you have a strong desire to study engineering, then you Yarn Manufacturing, Fabric Manufacturing, or
You can read wet processing. Because these three subjects are absolutely engineering.
Yarn is called the “Mother of Textile Engineering”. Now let’s hope about management.
If you have good managing skills, good proficiency in English, then it is better to study this subject.
Apparel was dropped. If you want to study this subject, you have to have good managing power and proficiency in English.

The point is, you have to be compelling to get the job done. And if you are thinking of going abroad for higher studies Yarn Manufacturing or Fabric Manufacturing is good. Because it’s pretty easy to get out of here. Wet processing is not a big problem.
I have been doing a lot of chattering for so long. Now let’s hope in terms of salary. Which subject would be better according to salary? Read with the mind. If salary is a big issue for you, then it is better to study at Weight. Here you have to work at a temperature of 40 degrees, you have to be in tension with the color all the time. And if you want to study in weight, you have to know technical matters as well as have a lot of ideas about chemistry. Because it is chemistry-based. So think about what to read.
-> Fabric Manufacturing: This is a very interesting subject. It will be a lot of fun to read.
However, the technical issues must be understood quite well. And the machine must understand better. Very comfortable with the job.

This is also called pure engineering.
And here there are two parts Knitting and weaving.
There is a point here. There is no problem with knitting, but weaving is quite noisy.
-> Apparel Manufacturing: Jobs are very good here. Corporate-type job. However, I have already said that managing power and English skills should be quite good.
And the main thing is that you have to be oppressive to get a job from here.
Because all are equal with the buyer

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