What are the work and functions of ring traveler and spindle

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What are the work and functions of ring traveler and spindle:


These two parts of the ring and the traveler are very important and closely related to the ring frame. Without either of these, it would not be possible to make yarn in the ring-spinning frame. These two parts together complete many of the functions of the ring frame, the main of which is twisting the yarn and wrapping the yarn in the bobbin. According to the ring and the traveler, the spindle is also an important part of the ring frame. The yarn produced by the ring and the traveler is wrapped in a bobbin placed on the spindle. https://bdfabric.com/drafting-system-and-roller-setting-in-ring-spinning/

Description of Ring, Traveler, and Spindle:


It is made of light carbon steel. According to a flange at the top of the ring. The rings are tempered in such a way that the outer part is very hard and the inner part is soft. The upper surface is polished smoothly so that the traveler can move on top of the ring without any resistance. https://bdfabric.com/functions-of-the-ring-spinning-frame/


According to Traveler English C or D, it attaches very lightly to the flange of the ring so that it can move very quickly on the surface of the ring. It is a very light, simple, and the smallest object, much less expensive but, much more important in the ring frame. The yarn produced by the traveler is twisted and the yarn is wrapped around the surface of the bobbin by controlling the movement of the yarn. The ring is very stiff but the traveler is very soft compared to that. The steel wire is bent by rolling and ring-railing to bring it in the shape of a traveler. When the Traveler is made to the right shape, it is first hardened, tempered, and then polished by adding carbon. Nickel and silver are commonly used for polishing. However, nickel polished Traveler is used more in the industry. https://bdfabric.com/roller-clearer-of-ring-spinning-machine/


What are the work and functions of ring traveler and spindle? The spindle is called the center of the ring frame. “The spindle is the production unit of the spinning mill. The capacity of a spinning mill depends on the number of spindles in the mill. The number of spindles in a frame is 25,000 rpm. Ring frames with 480, 504 numbered spindles, such as spindle frames are called short frames, or ring frames with 1008 or more spindles are called long frames. Spindles are usually made of good aluminum or mild steel. This spindle is made by the Germans SICF Company with a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

The function of ring, traveler, and spindle:

Functions of ring:

1. The ring bounces around the bobbin at the same distance as the ring rail.

2. The ring helps the traveler to turn with the help of its flange.

3. The ring acts as the surface of the bearing for the high speed of the traveler.

4. The upper part of the ring serves as the traveler’s walkway.

5. The rings are located parallel to the ring rail.

Functions of traveler:

1. The traveler can easily turn the yarn with light work.

2. Turning around the bobbin helps to twist the twisted yarn on the bobbin’s surface.

3. The traveler wraps the yarn in the bobbin, keeping the tension of the yarn straight all the time; As a result, the winding tension on the surface of the bobbin is controlled.

4. The delivery rollers or front rollers help to shape the yarn by twisting the bundles of fiber coming out.

5. The required amount of twists in the yarn helps to increase the strength of the yarn.

Functions of the spindle:

1. Holds the bobbin very tightly and ensures that the bobbin does not move during rotation.

2. The yarn produced on the surface of the empty bobbin helps to wrap.

3. The front of the ring frame helps in delivering the twist to the yarn delivered from the roller.

4. The spindle is sometimes centered from the center to the center of the ring.

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