What are production plans and equipment control

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What are production plans and equipment control:

Production plan:

An industrial production plan refers to a plan which, before the commencement of production activities, refers to the type of production, quantity, cost, method of production, planning of the subjects, and arrangement of schedule. https://bdfabric.com/what-is-process-control-in-the-textile-industry/

The production plan of an industry generally refers to the arrangement of consistency of the following factors, such as several pieces of equipment, process capacity, current, operating capacity, total production cost, list of employees, etc. https://bdfabric.com/importance-of-control-chart-in-textile-industries/

The production plan can be divided into three parts. E.g.

1. Long-term plan

2. Mid-term plan

3. Short-term plan

1. What are production plans and equipment control-Long-term plan:

Such production plans are usually long-term. Such plans maybe for six months or one year or in the field, especially for a few years. Long-term production plans include the production of those products that have a long-term demand in the market and by which the organization can be profitable.

Achieving the target production of this plan requires adequate equipment, staff, and adequate capital for the proper management of production activities.

Textile Industries

2. Mid-term plan:

Mid-term plans are usually for six months to one year. This is between long-term and short-term planning. The production time of this plan can be divided into one month to three months. In this method, it is necessary to rearrange the machinery and manpower for the production of similar products at regular intervals.

3. Short-term plan:

Such production plans are usually for one to three months. Divide the scope of this plan into one day, week, or even ten days and make a practical decision for a short-term production plan. Real decisions should be made for this. Man-power, type of production, type of process, overtime, shift, production time are sorted according to total production.

What are production plans and equipment control-Equipment control:

Modern machinery such as high efficiency, mechanical capability, and high production capabilities exist. At the same time, the systematic structure of these modern equipment has improved and the number of parts has also increased.

However, if for some reason this high-powered equipment is damaged or useless, it requires high engineering knowledge to repair it, as a result of which it takes a long time, on the one hand, and the cost of repair on the other. As a result, production is reduced or disrupted. In this case, the delivery schedule cannot be maintained. In addition, the quality of the product deteriorates, and waste increases. As a result, the organization also has financial problems.

Therefore, it is very important to increase the reliability or efficiency of machinery to prevent machines and equipment from becoming useless. Again, the loss of the machine does not mean that it is useless. Due to this, the efficiency of the machine deteriorates. The life of the machine is reduced and the quality of the product is degraded. So equipment control is a very important issue for production control.

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