Ways to control screen printing embroidery and finishing process

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Ways to control screen printing embroidery and finishing process:

Ways to control the screen printing process:

Proper control of the screen printing process is required to ensure the quality of the fabric or garment. The quality of screen printing will be better if the issues that affect the quality of screen printing are properly controlled. https://bdfabric.com/operations-for-controlling-fusing-in-garments-industries/

The following issues are properly controlled in screen printing.

1. Arrangements should be made so that the fabric comes to the printing table in a tight position with a blanket or conveyor belt.

2. Measures must be taken to ensure that the screen can move properly.

3. To ensure that the screen is flawless, the design must be perfect.

4. Care must be taken to ensure that another screen does not spoil the fabric before the previous color dries.

5. Steaming must be controlled properly so that the printing on the other end is not lighter than the printing on one end of the cloth.

6. Care must be taken to maintain the correct value of the density of the printing paste.

7. Special care should be taken so that foam does not form in the printing paste.

8. The movement and pressure of squeezing should be taken care of properly.

9. Careful adjustment needs to be made in design repetitions.

10. Care should be taken to avoid wastage of printing paste.

11. Arrangements should be made to wash the gum and excess printing paste from the conveyor belt.

12. Special arrangements should be made to clean the screen automatically using water.

Ways to control the embroidery process:

Embroidery Process

Proper control of the embroidery process is required to ensure the quality of the garment.

The following aspects of the embroidery process are properly controlled:

1. It is seen that the surface of the cloth has been clipped very tightly.

2. The yarn of the bobbin is examined to see if it is firmly entangled.

3. It is seen whether the needle is threaded according to the needle directly through all the sides of the embroidered yarn.

4. All thread guides are checked to see if the thread tension has been adjusted.

5. The Stitch Density regulator is used to check for adjustments based on fabric type and design.

6. The strength of the embroidery thread and the bobbin thread is checked.

7. See if there is any adjustment between needle sizes and thread size.

8. The needle quality is checked to see if it is matched with the thickness of the fabric.

9. It is seen whether the color of the embroidery color is combined with the color of the cloth.

10. Above all, it is seen whether the skilled operator can carry out the embroidery activities properly.

Ways to control the finishing process:

The importance of the pressing or finishing department in garment-making factories is immense. The finishing department plays an important role in maintaining and improving the quality of the product. It is often said that high-quality finishing is 50 percent of total quality. Because it is through the process of pressing or finishing that the garment becomes beautiful and visually pleasing. As a result, the buyer decides to buy the garment, although the price and other qualities of the garment are also involved. The following measures are taken to control the quality of the garment in the process of pressing or finishing. https://bdfabric.com/quality-control-activities-for-apparel-manufacturing/

1. Examine whether the garment is burnt or scratched or wrinkled.

2. To check if there are water stains on the clothes.

3. As a result of finishing, check whether the color of the garment is right or not.

4. Check if the button or chain is correct.

5. See if the folds of the dress are in the right place.

6. It is seen whether the clothes are smooth or without wrinkles.

7. Examine any part of the garment so that it does not expand unnecessarily.

8. It is seen whether the garment is dry or not.

9. Steps are taken to smooth and fold the pockets properly.

10. Make sure there are no flaws in the lining.

11. Make sure the size of the dress is correct.

Ways to control screen printing embroidery and finishing process. The quality of the garment is ensured if the temperature, pressure, and time of the machine are properly controlled during the pressing of the garment.

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