Wastage and faults of comber machine

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Today I will discuss with you about Wastage and faults of comber machine.,So let’s start.


During the preparation of yarn, dirt, dust, broken seeds, naps, immature fiber, short fiber, etc. are removed in different ways. Usually cotton as a raw material contains some amount of waste. The amount of waste is up to 2-6% in raw cotton, which is removed in the blow-room and carding process. Most of the waste that is eliminated in the combing method can be recycled. To improve the quality of spinning yarn, short fibers located in the cotton are removed in combing operation. These are the short fibers that are removed in the combing operation.

Comber Machine

Wastage and faults of comber machine-Name the wastage produced in comber:

The following wastes are commonly found in combing machines

1. Noil

2. Sliver wastage

3. Wastage of mini lap

4. Roller wastage

5. Sweeping wastage

1. Wastage and faults of comber machine-Noil:

By combing or combing with a combing machine, short fibers, naps, and waste are removed from the fine fibers. These small fibers are wrapped in a roller with the help of a brush on the back of the cylinder. These are called Noil. Usually, the amount of noil is 15%. However, it ranges from 5% to 25%.

2. Wastage and faults of comber machine-Sliver wastage:

The delivery part of the combing machine is arranged in a sliver cannula. Sliver wastage is the loss of a piece of sliver when the sliver is removed from the can and needs to be replanted or the sliver is torn. This waste can be reused. It is usually 0.2%.

3. Wastage of Minilap:

The waste generated from the mini lap while feeding the mini lap on the combing machine is a waste of the mini lap. This is usually 0.2%.

4. Roller wastage:

Due to inadequate relative humidity and wetting of raw material, fibers get stuck on the surface of the top or bottom roller of the combing machine, which is cleaned by turning off the machine. This is a waste of the roller. It is usually very low. 0.1% can be caught.

5. Sweeping wastage:

The fibers of the combing machine fall in and out of the machine in the form of droppings during the process. What is collected by sweeping is called wastage of sweeping. It can usually be caught at 0.1%.

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