Washing process in textile industry

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Washing process in textile industry:


Washing in the general sense means washing something. In the case of textiles, washing is the process of removing excess chemicals from fabric or products after a wet processing process. There are different chemicals for different wet processing. So the chemicals used in a process can cause serious damage to the next process. So after the completion of any wet process, the product must be washed. https://bdfabric.com/application-of-optical-brightening-agent-on-cotton/

Excess chemicals and impurities that are removed from the fabric or yarn in the wet processing process are called washing.

Washing process in textile industry -Objectives of washing:

Washing objectives are discussed below:

1. Removes impurities from textile products such as dyes, greases, waxes, and other impurities and makes the fabric suitable for further processing.

2. Removal of various enzymes, acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, bleaching agents, and other chemicals used in wet processing. So that hydro cellulose and oxycellulose are formed and do not damage the yarn or cloth.

3. If the chemicals used in the wet processing process stick to the surface of the textile product, they will react with each other to produce an undesirable product that damages the textile product. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

4. Excess printing paste is removed by washing after dyeing, steaming, or curing after the printing process.

5. In addition, the role of washing is important to remove unwanted dust, dirt, and oil stains after printing and finishing.

Classification of washing machine:

The use of different types of washing machines is observed in textile mills. However, the following washing machines are notable among them.

1. Roller washing machine

2. Wash wheel

3. Ripple washing machine

4. Winch washing machine

5. Hammering mills

6. Square baler washing machine

There are two types of roller washing machines. E.g.

(A) Wash in the form of rope

(B) Washing clothes by hanging on open-air

There are also some more washing machines. E.g.

(i) Beater washing machine

(ii) Beam washing machine

(iii) Alternator or Dual washing machine

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