Wadded double cloth definition purposes feature structure

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Wadded double cloth definition purposes feature structure:

Definition of wadded double cloth:

Double cloths in which the weight, thickness, and flexibility of the fabric are increased by using additional wadded yarns are called wadded double cloths. Comparatively softer, cheaper, and lower quality wadded yarns are used to make wadded double cloth. They sit between the two cloths of the double cloth but do not participate in bracing with either face or backcloth. https://bdfabric.com/extra-warp-design-definition-features-and-structure/

Purposes of wadded double cloth:

1. The main purpose of using wadded yarn in wadded double cloth is to increase the weight and thickness of the cloth.

2. In some cases the flexibility of the fabric also increases.

3. As the wadded yarn is not visible from the outside of the fabric, the use of low-quality yarn does not affect the beauty of the fabric.

4. The purpose of wadded cloth is to form a relatively soft and light rib.

Features of wadded double cloth:

1. Wadded yarn is not visible from the outside due to its location within the double cloth. This face cloth and back cloth do not participate in wadded yarn braces with any cloth.

2. It is used as a warp or weft yarn in the middle part of the fabric.

3. Wadded yarns are generally cheaper in quality and price.

4. The strength is slightly higher for using wadded warp yarn, otherwise, it is more likely to tear during weaving.

5. For wadded yarn, it should have a warp-changing mechanism.

Wadded Double Cloth

Classification of wadded double cloth:

Wadded double cloth definition purposes feature structure. Wadded double cloth is divided into two types depending on the use of warp and weft yarns.

(a) Warp-wadded double cloth.

(b) Weft-wadded double Cloth.

Structure of wadded double cloth:

1. First the face and back view should be drawn on the chart paper.

2. Then the repeat of the design is determined depending on the arrangement of the face weave, back weave, and wadded yarn.

3. If its format is 1:1:1 and the repeat size of the face cloth and back cloth is equal, then the design of the repeat will be three times that of the face and back yarn.

4. Face, back, and wadded yarn should be identified in the design.

5. Place the face weft through the face warp and face weft and the back weft through the back warp and back weft.

6. Then the face warp and back weft brackets should be marked face warp up and the back warp and face weft brackets should be marked face weft up.

7. Here usually no sign is used i.e. the room is empty.

8. Wadded warp and face weft brackets the face weft will be at the top so the room will be empty.

9. The bracket of waded warp and back weft should be marked with any mark so that the warp will be on top.

10. Finally select the ‘stitching place’ according to the formula. Face backing or back-to-back for stitching. any stitching method can be used, face or mixed.

Quality of different double cloth:

1. The price of cloth is relatively high.

2. The strength of the cloth is also very high.

3. The fabric is very comfortable and extremely durable.

4. The fabric is too heavy and stiff.

5. A single-layer fabric is created by bonding two layers of fabric.

6. Double fabric is very strong.

Uses of wadded double cloth:

1 Different types of decorative cloths like- Sofa covers, furnishing cloth, etc.

2. Different types of winter clothing.

3. Used in making blankets, belts, industrial fabrics, etc.

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