Velvet weave definition classification features uses

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Velvet weave definition classification features uses:

Definition of velvet weave:

Fabrics with short, dense warp piles are called velvet fabrics. Fabric with a weft pile is called velveteen fabric. Velvet is a weave of pile fabric. Pile fabrics are mainly of 2 types – warp pile and weft pile. Velvet is an ideal warp pile fabric.

Velvet weave definition classification features uses-Classification of velvet weave:

Velvet weave is divided into two parts depending on the method of making the design.

1. Wire method.

2. Face-to-face method

1. Wire method:

The method of creating piles of velvet designs with the help of wire is called the wire method. These piles may be made of loop piles or cut piles or a combination of loop and cut piles. Two types of piles can be used for making piles-

(a) Looping wire.

(b) Cutting wire.

Velvet Weave

(a) Looping wire:

Loop piles are used for making loop piles i.e. uncut piles. Loop wires have no blades on their heads. Therefore, the loops are not cut when removing the yarn after the loop is formed. This results in uncut piles. However, loop pile fabric is not included in the velvet weave.

(b) Cutting wire:

The wire used for making cut piles is called cutting wire. Cutting wires have a knife at the head. When the wire is pulled out of the fabric, the loops are cut, creating a cut pile.

Velvet weave definition classification features uses-Features of velvet weave:

1. 2 sets of warp yarn and 1 set of weft yarn are required to prepare this cloth. 1 set of weft yarn is pile yarn and another set is ground yarn.

2. Warp yarn is used as a pile in velvet weave.

3. Weft yarn participates in bracing with both ground yarn and pile yarn.

4. Separate beams are required for pile yarns. Pile yarns are much more demanding than ground warps for a given length of fabric, and pile yarns are looser and less tensile.

5. The beam of the ground warp is taut, and the yarn is taut.

6. Velvet fabric can be of both loop pile and cut pile nature.

Uses of velvet weave:

1. Velvet is used as a variety of furnishing fabrics and wall mats.

2. The main uses of velvet fabric are bed sheets and winter clothes for men and women.

3. Used as wall carpet, and floor carpet.

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