Various light sources and their use In shade matching

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Various light sources and their use In shade matching. Shade means Color or density of color. If the color is too deep or dense in the fabric, it is called Dark Shade fabric. And if the color is light, then it is called Light Shade cloth.

Various light sources-Some words about Shade:

The shade of a fabric can be different for each person. Because everyone’s eye color capture and display ability are not the same. As a result, different comments may come from different people of the same color. In this case, a computerized system is best for shade matching. Although it is very expensive, so in the case of bulk production, usually the shade is checked by the person.


Various light sources-Some Shade Checking Points:

Usually, by checking the shade at some point in the Dyeing and Dyeing Finishing section, you have to make sure that the shade is right.

Those points are –

1). When dyeing

2). After the dyeing is over.

3). After the fabric dries.

4). And when finishing fabric.

5). After finishing.

Some light sources to watch Shade:

Various light sources and their use In shade matching. The shade of Fabric is different based on Light. Therefore, according to the instructions and standards of the buyer, the fabric shade has to be checked for different purposes in a different light. The buyer has to check the fabric under certain lights with certain features and match the standard of the shade for the specific color in that light.

Below are some common light names –

1). D-65 (Artificial Daylight)

2). TL-84 (Store Light)

3) .TFL (Tungsten Filament Light)

4) .UV (Ultraviolet Light)

Light usage guidelines, each type of light usage guidelines are discussed below:

1). D-65 (Artificial Daylight): D65 refers to artificial daylight. With the help of this light, you can understand what the shade of the fabric will look like during the day.

2). TL-84 (Store Light): This light is used to check whether the amount of blue and green in the shade of the fabric is more / less.

3). TFL (Tungsten Filament Light): This light is used to check the amount of yellow and red in the shade of the fabric.

4). UV (Ultraviolet Light): Use this light to check the brightener in the cloth.

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