Types of dyeing machines

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Types of dyeing machines:


Depending on the operation of the dyeing machine, the shape of the product, the depth of the shade, the type of dye, etc. Dyeing machines can be arranged in different categories. According to the procedure, dyeing machines can be divided into two main parts. https://bdfabric.com/dyeing-machinery-in-textile/

A) Open Dyeing Machine

B) Enclosed Dyeing Machine

The difficulty in an open dyeing machine is much more. Because dyeing in this method takes a lot of time and continuous dyeing cannot be done etc.

The advantages of a closed dyeing machine are many. This is because the method takes less time, less waste of dye liqueur, and can be dyed at higher temperatures.

Dyeing machines can be divided into the following three parts according to the size or type of product. E.g.

1. Fiber Dyeing Machine

2. Yarn Dyeing Machine

3. Fabric Dyeing Machine

1. Fiber Dyeing Machine:

Fiber dyeing machine (in the form of loose stock) can be divided into the following three parts. E.g.

A) Conical pan loose stock dyeing machine

B) Annular cage loose stock dyeing machine

C) Hussong loose cotton dyeing machine

2. Yarn Dyeing Machine:

There are different types of yarn dyeing machines. The yarn dyeing machine can be divided into two parts depending on the shape of the yarn or the way it is dyed. E.g.

1. Hank Dyeing Machine

2. Package Dyeing Machine

Hank dyeing machines can again be of three types. E.g.

# Hussong Hank Dyeing Machine

# Pulsator Hank Dyeing Machine

# G.S. Hank Dyeing Machine

There are three types of package dyeing machines.

# Cop Dyeing Machine

# Cheese Dyeing Machine

# Warp Dyeing Machine

There are three types of cop dyeing machines. E.g.

# Mather &Platt cop dyeing machine

# Long close cop dyeing machine

# Bemmosent cop dyeing machine

There are three types of cheese dyeing machines. E.g.

# Obermair cheese dyeing machine

# Franklin cheese dyeing machine

# Frantz GOP cheese dyeing machine

There are three types of warp dyeing machines. E.g.

# Zittu beam dyeing machine

# Ball warp dyeing machine

# Chain warp dyeing machine

3. Fabric Dyeing Machine:

The fabric dyeing machine can be divided into the following eight parts. E.g.

A) Jet Dyeing Machine

B) Jigger Dyeing Machine

C) Beam Dyeing Machine

D) Winch Dyeing Machine

E) High-pressure winch dyeing machine

F) Molten metal stand fast dyeing machine

G) Solvent dyeing machine

H) Pad dyeing machine

Jet dyeing machines are again found in the following types. E.g.

# Special high temp. Jet dyeing

# Jet dyeing with additional winch

# Fully folded jet dyeing

Jigger dyeing machines can be further divided into the following three categories. E.g.

# Mather &platt jigger dyeing machine

# Closed jigger dyeing machine

# Cyclotric high-performance jigger dyeing

There are also 5 (five) types of padding mangle machines. E.g.

# Two bowl padding mangle

# Three bowl padding mangle

# Fiber padding mangle

# Haubold padding mangle

# Zittau padding mangle

The dyeing machine can be divided into three parts based on the dyeing liqueur movement. E.g.

# Material moves but liquor does not circulate. Such as jigger, winch, etc.

# Liquor circulates but the material does not move. Such as all types of package dyeing machines.

# Both material & liquor circulate. Such as a jet dyeing machine.

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