The work of various chemicals used in scouring

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Today I will discuss with you The work of various chemicals used in scouring. So let’s start with today’s topic, here are some chemical’s name and their works below.

1. Alkali (NaOH):

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is commonly used to remove natural wastes. This sodium hydroxide is the main ingredient in scouring. Its main function is to produce soap by reacting with free fatty acids. Makes soap by breaking down oil and fat and decomposing. A soap subsequently acts as an emulsifying agent and can be used in textile products, mineral oils, waxes, and other Eliminates waste.

2. The work of various chemicals -Wetting agent:

The wetting agent reduces the surface tension of the solution so that chemicals can easily enter the product. The wetting agent helps the alkali to remove oil from the product. For this, alkali and products can come in close contact and remove oils and fats.

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3. The work of various chemicals -Soda Ash:

Soda ash acts as a detergent in the ash scouring solution. However, its main function is to maintain the pH of the scouring solution as a buffer solution.

4. The work of various chemicals used in scouring-Detergent:

The sizing during detergent scouring helps to remove China Klay and other hard wastes as binding between the products. Soap is an excellent detergent.

5. Water Softening Agent:

The work of various chemicals used in scouring. Occasionally a water softening agent is used in the scouring solution. It helps in softening the water. Water softening agents are used especially during bust fiber scouring.

6. Soap:

It is used as a Mild Scouring Agent. Soap is used especially for protein fiber wool and silk swarming. This is because the mentioned fibers are damaged by strong scouring agents.

7. Sodium bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate is sometimes used as a mild scouring agent. Especially during animal fiber scouring.

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