Stop motion of the drawing frame

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Stop motion of the drawing frame machine are given below

Stop motion of the drawing frame

Stop motion of the drawing frame. The stop motion of the drawing frame. In the case of drawing frames, the method by which the machine automatically shuts off when the sliver is torn, finished, wrapped around the surface of the roller, or when the delivery can is full, is called the stop motion of the drawing frame. A drawing frame has several heads. However, modern drawing frames have 1 or 2 heads. Each head has at least 2 deliveries. 6 to 12 slivers are fed in each delivery.

If the sliver cans of a machine suddenly run out during sliver feeding or if the sliver is torn, if the machine is not shut down, the produced slivers will form a single sliver or sliver variation. A worker keeps at least 2 machines running. Without stop motion, it would not be possible for one person to control 2 machines. So every machine needs a stop motion. A worker can easily see the signal light to determine why the drawing frame is closed and take the next step.

Purposes of stop motions:

The purpose of stop motion is as follows

1. To control the quality of the produced silver.

2. The stop motion works if any one of the feeding slivers is torn.

3. The stop motion works when the feeding sliver can is empty.

4. The stop motion works when the roller is lapping.

5. The stop motion works when the delivery can is full.

6. It is easy to identify if there is a fault somewhere in the machine.

7. Stop motion protects the machine from major breakdowns.

The types of stop motions

There are 3 types of stop motions in the drawing frame,

1. Back stop motion

2. Front stop motion

3. Full can stop motion

1. Back stop motion: If the feed sliver in the drawing frame is suddenly torn or finished before it is fed, the machine shuts down with the help of this stop motion.

2. Front stop motion: Stop machine works when the sliver stops coming into the delivery can for any reason or if the sliver gets stuck on the surface of the top or bottom roller or calender roller.

3. Full can stop motion: This stop motion works when the sliver can of the delivery part is full.

Stop motion works in two ways

1. Mechanically

2. Electrically

1. Mechanically: With the help of different gears and clutches of the drawing machine, the mechanical way is to take the machine belt from the fast pulley to the loose pulley and turn off the machine. This system is commonly used in conventional drawing machines.

2. Electrically: There is a system to turn off the machine with the help of an electrical circuit or optical. All drawing frames or modern drawing frames have such stop motions.

Advantages of using stop motion in a drawing frame

# Delivery Sliver inequality is eliminated.

# Reduces waste.

# Protects the sliver from getting thicker or thinner.

# Less labor is needed.

# Protects the machine from damage.

# Due to the indicator light of the drawing machine, it is possible to easily identify the cause of the shutdown and it takes less time to start the machine due to the stop motion.

# Efficiency increases.

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