The roller clearer of drawing frame

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The roller clearer of drawing frame:


During the processing of the sliver in the drawing frame, small fibers may stick to the surface of the roller for various reasons. Which can cause various problems in the drafting zone if not cleaned regularly. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, the method used to clean the rollers continuously. With the help of cloth or velvet material wrapped in the roller is the roller cleaner.

There are two types of roller clearers in the drawing frame

1. Top clearer

2. Bottom clearer

1. The roller clearer of drawing frame-Top clearer:

The rollers are up and down in the drawing frame. The top roller is the top roller. Clears the top clearer of the fibers of dirt attached to the surface of the top roller of the drafting zone. Draw frame slivers are twistless, static electricity is generated due to the friction of the roller, which accumulates dirt and small fibers on the surface of the roller. The subsequent drafting zone caused draft problems. Therefore, to remove the above dirt or small fibers, the clearer rollers work continuously and keep the rollers clean.

The top clearer is the main part of the system through which the small fibers and dirt accumulated on the surface of the top roller of the drafting zone are continuously cleaned. The top clearer is usually made of flannel fabric with two pairs of ends in the shape of an endless belt. The clearer top roller is spread across the entire length of the baler so that all parts of the roller can be cleaned. The clearer moves very slowly from front to back on the surface of the roller and continues to clean the rollers. Then a Spafer blade flannel removes impurities, small fibers, dirt, etc. from the top of the flannel cloth.

2. The roller clearer of drawing frame-Bottom Clearer:

The bottom clearer is constantly cleaning the bottom roller. The bottom clearer is usually shaped like two wooden bars, covered with a flannel cloth. Bottom rollers are usually made of metal. The flannel cloth on the bottom clearer continues to clean the rollers continuously like the top clearer.

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