The parameter influencing the combing operation

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The parameter influencing the combing operation:

The main factors that affect the combing activity are given below:

# Raw material

# Material preparation

# Factors associated with the machine

# Machine settings

# Ambient condition:

# Raw material:

1. Fiber type

2. Fiber length

3. Uniformity of fiber length

4. Fiber stiffness

5. Moisture content

6. Material associated with the fiber

# The parameter influencing the combing operation-Material preparation:

1. Parallelization of the fiber in the feed material

2. Sheet thickness

3. Sheet evenness

4. Orientation of the hooks in sheet

# Factors associated with the machine:

1. Condition of the machine

2. Condition of the comb

3. Machine speeds

4. Operation of the combs

5. Types of sliver forming element

6. Accuracy of the settings

7. Drafting arrangement

# Machine settings:

1. Feed distance

2. Type of feed

3. Detachment setting

4. Point density of the comb

5. Depth of penetration of the top comb

6. Piecing

7. Draft and drafting arrangement settings

# Ambient condition:

1. Room temperature

2. Humidity

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