The method of inventions of a new design for garments

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Today I talk with you about The method of inventions of a new design for garments.

The method of inventions of a new design for garments. To make a patterned dress, one must first draw a picture of the patterned dress and it is vital to design a design for drawing the dress.

Costume design can be invented by a designer in basically three ways

(A) Through own thinking and research

(B) Copying exactly from any design

(C) To invent a new design by looking at a design and making some additions or changes to the design.

After deciding on a design, one has to draw a nice picture on paper. Painting by physical labor is very time-consuming and difficult. This task can be done very easily and in a very short time by the computer. If done with the help of a computer, there are some additional benefits, such as the use of color, the use of checks or stripes, the rapid change of design, the taking of pictures of the design on paper, and even the design of the dress on the computer screen.

After drawing the design, it is started from the main block to make the dress of that design. The original block refers to a pattern that reveals the shape of the body texture. But does not express any specialties or designs. Main blocks of different sizes for men and women are available. The original blocks can be bought in the market or you can make the blocks yourself.

The original block is placed on white matte paper with the help of a pencil to mark the block on the paper and the original block is removed from the paper. Then basically different types of Allowance and special features or samples are added with the impression of the block, such as Seam allowance, trimming allowance, Special design, Fold, etc. Finally, a modified and extended pattern of the main block is found, which is called the functional pattern.

Workable patterns can be created by manual labor or by computer. Markers are made with the help of functional patterns and clothes are cut for the garment with the help of markers. The sample garment is then sewn by a skilled craftsman. Designers and craftsmen are separate individuals. This requires a great deal of skill and experience. However, if both tasks can be performed efficiently by the same person, then the sample work can be completed quickly and easily.

After the sample garment is made, it is thoroughly examined to see if the sample garment looks like it was originally designed and printed and if there are any defects, if there is any difficulty in producing the garment in excess, or if any changes need to be made. If there is a need to make a change somewhere, it is necessary to start from the redesign. Thus, when an acceptable sample garment is made, it is sent to the pricing office for pricing. The pricing department submits the sample to the higher authority after determining the production cost of the garment and the proposed selling price. The price list of sample clothes is very important and confidential.

Production pattern is made after the sample garment and its price is approved by the appropriate authority. Sample garments are usually made for one size but production patterns of different sizes can be made for a larger number of products.

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