The function of sliver spinning frame

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The function of sliver spinning frame:

Today I am gonna show you The function of the sliver spinning frame. Sliver spinning frames usually have the following functions.

1. Drafting

2. Twisting

3. Winding

4. Building

1. Drafting:

The yarn is prepared by reducing the weight of a single length by crimped sliver drafting obtained from the finisher drawing. There are several types of drafting methods available. Different names have been given based on the provision of drafts.

sliver spinning frame

2. Twisting:

The fibers are twisted into yarn to hold along the yarn and to increase the strength of the yarn and are wrapped in a bobbin under tension. The thread coming out of the drafting nip of the sliver spinning frame enters through the upper part of the perforation of the exits through the bottom. The flyer is spinning fast, so there is simultaneous twisting and winding.

3. Winding:

Winding is the process of twisting the yarn from the nip of the front roller into a bobbin at a certain speed with a slight twist. Here the bobbin stays still and the flyer continues to revolve around the bobbin with the thread. Of course, the bobbin also tends to turn in tension.

4. Building:

The function of sliver spinning frame. With the help of a building machine, the yarn package is made by weaving the yarn into the bobbin according to specific rules. The spinning frame has a mechanical mechanism called a building motion to ensure that the yarn package is neat. That the yarn layer can be attached to one surface and the other to the bobbin. The building machine moves the yarn up and down the bobbin rail to twist the yarn from top to bottom on the surface of the bobbin. The package is made with proper tension so that it is not too tight.

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