Terry weave definition features classification

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Terry weave definition features classification:

Definition of terry weave:

The cloth which has an uncut pile-like velvet arranged on one side or both sides is called terry weave. Terry fabric is a terry weave with a warp pile. Terry weave has a relatively low pile density compared to velvet, which makes the fabric slightly softer and has a higher water absorption capacity than many other fabrics. https://bdfabric.com/velvet-weave-definition-classification-features-uses/

Terry Fabric


1. It is a single-sided or double-sided pile fabric.

2. In this fabric, warp yarn is used as the pile.

3. 2 sets of warp yarn and one set of weft yarn are used to make this cloth. One set of warp yarns is ground warp and another set is pile warp and weft yarns participate in bracketing with 2 sets of warp yarns.

4. The yarns used as pile warp are low count, soft, less twisted yarns and thus have higher water absorption capacity.

5. Pile yarns are interlaced between individual beams and are loose. Besides, ground warp yarn has more twist, fineness, and yarn strength.

6. The ground yarn is interlaced between separate beams and the tension is high.

7. Cotton yarn is mainly used as a pile warp.

Classification of terry weave:

Generally, two types of terry weave are available.

(a) 3 – Peak Terry

(b) 4 – Peak Terry.

Terry weave definition features classification. Apart from the above terry weave, there can be 5 picks and 6 picks terry weave. However, 3-Pick Terry Weave is the most popular and is used more.

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