Stripping of acid from wool

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Stripping of acid from wool:

If after acid dyeing the shade is more than required after dyeing, stripping by the following method can be done: https://bdfabric.com/acrylic-fabric-dyeing-by-acid-dye/

1) With the help of Sodium Hydrosulfide.

2) By light solution of bleaching powder.

3) By potassium dichromate and acetic acid.

4) Formosol and formic acid.

1) Sodium hydrosulfide:

Take 20 times the weight of water in a container and add 2-3% sodium hydrosulfide in it and treat the wool at 45°C.

2) Stripping of acid from wool-Bleaching powder:

1°Tw bleaching powder solution is applied to the wool for a while it is cold.

3) Potassium dichromate and acetic acid:

After boiling in 3% potassium dichromate and 3% acetic acid solution and boiling for 10-15 minutes, the color of wool rises.

4) Formosol and formic acid:

Formosol →2-4% (on fabric weight)

 Formic acid → 1.5 – 2.5% (on fabric weight)

 Temperature → 100°C

Time →until colorless

Water →15 times

In a container, 15 times the weight of the product is taken with water and the same amount of formaldehyde and formic acid is mixed with it. The dyed cloth is then boiled at a temperature of 100°C until the cloth becomes colorless.

Stripping of acid from wool-Commercial name of acid dye:

1. Lurazol

2. Kiton

3. Sandofast

4. Sapracen

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