straight knife of cutting machine

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Today I will talk to you about straight knife cutting machine:

The most widely used cutting machine in the garment industry of Bangladesh is the Straight Knife Cutting Machine. The production capacity of this machine is much higher. It can be used to cut any fabric. The special parts of this machine are a base plate, under which six wheels are fitted so that the machine can be easily moved over the cutting table. With the help of the stand on the base plate, there is an electric meter on the stand. There is a handle with the meter, by which the machine is driven in different directions. A straight knife is placed in the middle of the stand or upright. There is a knife guard in front of the knife. There is a grinding wheel on the side of the straight knife, with which the knife is sometimes sharpened while the cloth is being cut.

Two types of power are required to cut cloth with this type of machine, namely, the straight knife is driven up and down by the meter and the cutter drives the knife in different directions in the lay of the cloth. The strength of the mater depends on the height of the fabric, the texture of the fabric, the curve of the fabric, and the stroke of the blade. The higher the power of the meter, the heavier and stronger the machine. The height of the blade is usually 10 cm. To 33 cm. And stroke, 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Is up to. The faster the blade moves, the faster the fabric can be cut. Again the heavier and stronger the cutting machine, the more power the cutter will need to operate it. The edges of the cutting knife have different shapes. Straight edges are most commonly used and are used to cut layers of soft and thin fabric. The saw edge is used for cutting plastic, the saw edge is used for cutting canvas. Different speeds are set on the same machine for cutting different types of cloth.

At present, the straight knife machine has been improved. This machine has been adjusted with a hanging arm from a stand on the side of the cutting table and a large thin base plate has been replaced by a larger and thicker base plate. The full load of the meter and the machine is carried by the hanging arm. As a result, it is possible to use the housing of the straight knife relatively thin.

For all these reasons, cutting clothes with an advanced straight knife is becoming much easier and faster for the cutter.

Advantages of cutting clothes with a straight knife:

1. Can be easily moved and can be cut to a higher height.

2. More curved fabrics can be cut than round knives.

3. Convenient for large-scale production, as a 10-inch-high layer of fabric, can be cut.

4. Clothes can be cut quickly.

5. The parts of the garment can be cut directly from the fabric.

6. The machine is equipped with a cutting knife to cut the cloth while it is being cut.

7. Clothes can be cut at any angle.

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