Steps to get ISO 9000-2000 certificate

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Steps to get ISO 9000-2000 certificate:


An organization will meet all the requirements or conditions of I. S.O. 9000-2000 and be audited by an internal auditor to ensure that its organization’s Quality management system is introduced as per I.S.O. standard. In this case, the organization will make a written request to the I.S.O. Certification Authority for its organization inclusion in the I.S.O.

Upon receipt of the written application, the issuer of the certificate will take the following steps:

1. The Certification Authority will appoint evaluators and auditors to collect sufficient information about the applicant organization and to monitor the overall condition and environment of the organization.

2. The auditors will study the quality manual of the organization very carefully and give the necessary approvals.

3. The latter will discuss with each other and schedule the settlement on a convenient date.

4. The chief evaluator will convene an initial meeting with the representatives of the organization to confirm the scope of their audit. Assign work among the auditors – rationally and coordinate the work and assist the staff of the organization. And will confirm the audit schedule and final meeting date.

Steps to get ISO 9000-2000 certificate:

5. Resolve departmental and audit tasks according to the type of work.

6. The evaluating members will evaluate if they exchange views with each other on their observations. Will review their observations and finalize the results and draft a report for preparation.

7. The members present on both sides of the initial meeting will meet in the final meeting. The auditors will explain to the members present at the meeting the various discrepancies found in their observations and the members will discuss among themselves the issues mentioned. andIt will also agree on the necessary amendments.

8. The evaluator will then re-evaluate once the necessary corrections have been made regarding the discrepancies and discrepancies.

9. in this case, the chief evaluator will be satisfied that the organization has met the relevant Standards quality requirements and has agreed to maintain them. In this regard, the Chief Assessor will take all steps to issue the certificate of registration of the said organization to its authority (the authority issuing the certificate). Accordingly, the institution will get an I.S.O. certificate.

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