Standard commercial fabrics and fabric specifications

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Standard commercial fabrics and fabric specifications:


A variety of commercial fabrics are available in various markets. Again, each industry has different trade names for different fabrics. Each name is accompanied by a different characteristic, such as whether the fabric is smooth or thin. Again the fabric is marketed under different names depending on the type of yarn used in the fabric and the warp and weft yarn per inch used to make the fabric and the end use of the fabric. Some fabrics have internationally recognized names and when a fabric is named by an international name, the fabric must be of quality that does justice to the name.

The standard trade names of fabrics depending on the quality are mentioned below –

1. Raw material used in cloth means what kind of yarn made of any fiber has been used.

2. The amount of twist used in clothes.

3. The count of the warp and weft yarn used in fabric making.

4. Amount of yarn warp and weft per inch.

5. A fleet or breadth of cloth.

6. Weave or design used in cloth.

7. Fabric structure and cover factor etc.

Therefore, after checking the various standards or qualities of the cloth, when the cloth is found to be of ideal quality and which is easily acceptable in the market, then the cloth is called standard commercial cloth.

Standard Commercial Fabric

Fabric specifications:

Standard commercial fabrics and fabric specifications. A fabric specification is a summary of the structure and properties of a fabric. A user gets a general idea about the fabric by looking at a specification. A buyer or user can easily get an idea about the yarn used in the fabric, the density of the fabric, the width of the fabric, and the number of warp and weft yarns in a single length by looking at these specifications before looking at the sample fabric.

Names of some standard commercial fabrics:






Tennis cloth

Tent cloth


Gray cloth

Long cloth

Voile cloth


Gauze cloth






Sateen tops


Oil cloth

Emery cloth

Crepon and crimp

Felted cloth

Bandage Cloth

Label cloth

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