Spinning process in textile

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Today I will talk to you about the Spinning process in textile.

Spinning process in textile. Initially, spinning means making yarn from cotton. The origin of the word cotton from the Arabic word kutum. What is called cotton in English is called cotton in Bengali.

Spinning is the process by which different types of textile fibers are twisted into fibers or fibers through different processes to create a usable minimum strength yarn without ends.

Fibers that have the ability to make yarn are called textile fibers. There are many types of fibers in the world, but only a small number of fibers have the quality to make textile yarn. Not all fibers are textile fibers. If you want to be a textile fiber, you have to have the minimum length, strength, fineness, flexibility, moisture-holding capacity, etc., i.e. the qualities of yarn making.

Fiber is divided into 2 parts,

1. Natural fiber

2. Synthetic fiber

1. Natural fiber: The fiber we get from our nature (cotton, wool, silk, jute, etc.) is called natural fiber.

2. Synthetic fibers: Fibers that are made through various chemical processes (polyester, filament, viscose, etc.) are called synthetic fibers. It is also called artificial fiber (Man-Made Fiber).

The whole spinning process is divided into several parts. Among these, short-length fibers and large-length fibers have been separated in terms of processing for spinning natural fibers. Again the synthetic fibers are spun separately. Synthetic fibers are initially in the form of filaments, later they are separated in different ways.

The spinning process is divided into 3 parts,

1. Short staple spinning

2. Long-staple spinning

3. Filament spinning

1. Short staple spinning:

The process by which yarn is made from fibers less than 60 mm in length is called short-staple spinning.

2. Long-staple spinning:

The process by which yarn is made from fibers with a length of more than 60 mm is called short-staple spinning. In long staple spinning, the length of the fiber is more than 100 mm.

3. Filament Spinning:

The process by which yarn is made by melting a filament through a chemical process is called filament spinning.

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