Sources of recruitment of employees

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Sources of recruitment of employees:


The procurement of qualified personnel is one of the tasks of labor management. Such management recruits workers from different sources to recruit employees and staff at different levels of the organization.

The main sources of recruitment of workers are discussed below:

1. Sources of recruitment of employees-Internal sources:

Organizations often recruit staff from or through on-duty staff. This is called the internal source of staff recruitment. Such sources are as follows

A) Promotion:

In cases where relatively experienced staff is required for higher responsible positions, the required staff is recruited through the promotion of the staff working in the organization.

B) Recommended staff:

When new employees are needed in the organization, relatives or recommended persons are often recruited. In this process, usually unskilled or semi-skilled workers are recruited.

C) Recommendations of trade unions:

The existence of trade unions exists in most large and medium-sized organizations. When the organization needs new employees, the organization often hires people recommended by the trade union.

2. Sources of recruitment of employeesExternal Sources:

If an organization recruits staff from any source other than the internal source, it is called the external source of recruitment. The external sources from which staff is usually recruited are discussed below.

A) Job seekers:

Unemployment is on the rise these days and many people are applying for jobs in various organizations. Employees are recruited by accepting the applications of those job seekers for the need for new employees in the organization.

B) Educational Institution:

If there is a need for new staff in an organization, the organization draws notifications on their notice boards with the approval of the heads of different educational institutions. In this process also many organizations recruit staff.

C) Vocational training center:

Another source of recruitment is vocational training centers. Training in various trades is imparted in various training centers established and run by the government and private enterprises.

D) Advertising:

Advertising in newspapers is one of the main sources of recruitment. If there is a need to recruit staff in any organization, they place advertisements in the newspapers. The advertisement mentions the name of the post, required qualification, age, etc., and asks to apply within the specified date. After the verification of the submitted application forms, the employees are selected from there.

In addition to the above sources, skilled personnel from other organizations are often employed in their organizations by providing more opportunities in the organization to recruit skilled workers.

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