Slip draft sliver spinning frame

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Slip draft sliver spinning frame:


This machine is called a slip draft spinning frame as it is drafted through a few pairs of rollers. Static means fixed. The spindle of the spinning frame is also fixed. Such spinning frames are more commonly used to make thinner yarns.

The main parts of the machine:

1. Sliver guide

2. Top or bottom retaining roller

3. Top pressing roller

4. Breastplate

5. Draft control roller

6. Idle roller

7. Conductor

8. Drawing roller

9. Drawing pressing roller

10. Yarn stop detector

11. flyer

12. Bobbin

Working principle of slip draft sliver spinning frame:

The crimped sliver from the finisher drawing is fed from the back of the spinning frame. The sliver first enters through the sliver guide behind the drafting zone of the spinning frame. From the center of the retaining and pressing roller to the front. The conductor passes through the underside of the inverted breastplate and enters the nip of the drawing and drawing pressing roller. Usually, the original draft is given between the conductor and the drawing roller.

Delivery is by touching the draft lightweight sliver yarn detector. The delivered sliver is twisted here to form a yarn and enters the flyer’s hole and enters the bobbin through the eye of the flyer leg. The flyer rotates at its own pace and delivers the sliver in the form of a drawing roller yarn. This is where the yarn is twisted. The bobbin is placed on a carrier that rotates with the bobbin in the tension of the yarn. When the yarn in the bobbin is full, the machine is stopped and doffing is done and the machine is started again for the next production by re-inserting the empty bobbin.

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