Silk and nylon fabric dyeing by acid dye

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Silk and nylon fabric dyeing by acid dye:

Silk fabric process dyeing by acid dye:


Dyestuff → 3%

Acetic acid → 4%

Softsoap solution → 25%

Water → 30 times

Temperature → 80°C

Time → 30 minutes to 1 hour

Dyeing process:

First, a soft soap solution is made with 75% water and 25% soap solution. Then acetic acid is added to it and it is stirred well so that it is well mixed. The temperature of the mixture is raised to 40°C and dyestuff is added to it. The product is then immersed in the dye solution and the temperature is raised to 80°C. The product is then removed from the bath and washed thoroughly. https://bdfabric.com/wool-fabric-dyeing-by-acid-dye/

After treatment:

1) At the end of dyeing, dipping the product in 4% tannic acid and 1% tartar emetic solution increases the fastness of silk.

2) 4% acetic acid solution is used to restore the brightness.

3) The smoothness of silk increases when dipped in T.R solution.

Nylon fabric dyeing process by acid dye:


 Dyestuff → 2.5%

Ammonium acetate → 3%

T. R Oil → 0.1% -0.2%

Water → 40 times

Ingredients: Liquor → 1:40

Temperature → 60°C to 100°C

Time → 45 minutes to 90 minutes

Dyeing process:

Silk and nylon fabric dyeing by the acid dye. First, the dye staff is mixed with T.R oil to make a paste and hot water is added to it to dissolve it well. In another bath, 40 times the weight of the product is taken with water and the dissolved dyestuff is added to it and ammonium acetate is added. By dipping the product, the temperature is gradually raised to 90°C and thus dyeing is done for 45 to 90 minutes. The product is then thoroughly washed and after treatment with a soap solution.

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