Roller clearer of ring spinning machine

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Roller clearer of ring spinning machine:


Clearers are used to keep the front and middle rollers of the ring-spinning frame clean. Usually, the front and middle rollers open the fiber and bring it to the stage of a parallel single fiber. As a result, very small and short fiber tends to fall from the drafting zone which gets stuck on the surface of the steel roller, so it is not possible to get a good drafting effect. So the roller clearer is used to keep the rollers clean at all times.

Classification of roller clearer of ring spinning machine:

The roller clearer of the ring frame is divided into two parts.

1. Top clearer

2. under Clearer

Roller Clearer

1. Roller clearer of ring spinning machine-Top Clearer:

A top clearer is placed on top of the top roller to clean the top roll and apron. 2 types in top clearer

(A) Stationary or board clearer

(B) Revolving Clearer

(A) Stationary or board clearer:

The lower part of the flatbed is covered with a clearer cloth about 1 inch thick, which keeps the top roll clean.

(B) Revolving clearer:

The rollers are wrapped by a clean cloth on top of a 12 to 1 diameter wooden railing up to the length of the section. This clearer rotates from contact with the top roll. And lifts Dirt and Lint from the surface of the roller. This way the revolving clearer keeps the rollers clean. If excess dirt and lint are deposited, the clearer must be cleaned or the dirt and lint will be removed from the clearer again.

2. under clearer:

Under clearers are used to clean steel rolls and bottom aprons. It is usually used under the front roller. Two wooden rolls 6/7 to 11/16 “in diameter with a special clear cover. It first cleans the dirt and cotton lint from the bottom front roll, but a good fiber ribbon of torn yarn also gets wrapped around the cover of this clearer. Different types of under-clear covers are used. Woven and brown or blue denim fabrics are also used as clearers, according to the soft flannel.

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