Requirements and terms of fabric cutting

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Requirements and terms of fabric cutting. The following conditions must be met for the parts of the garment to be cut properly and neatly from the fabric. The terms are described as:

(A) Terms of fabric cutting Precision of cut:

It is essential to cut the right piece of clothing according to the shape of the patterns in the middle of the marker. Because if the parts of the garment are not cut to the right shape, then if the garment is made by sewing on them, the garment will not be of the right shape. Cutting the right shape of the garment depends on the method of cutting the fabric and sometimes on the planning and making of the marker. If the fabric is cut physically, the overall cutting depends on the condition of the cutting knife, the skill of the cutter, and the focus on the cutter’s work. Therefore, if the physical method of cutting and computer-controlled cutting machine is correct, then the correct fabric is cut for systematic reasons.

(B) terms of fabric cutting Clean edge:

The edge of the cut pattern should be clean and beautiful after cutting the cloth. Care should be taken so that the yarn does not come out with the cut edge or the cut edge is not uneven. If the cutting knife does not lend properly, such an error can occur.

(C) Unfused edge:

The friction of the cutting knife with the cloth during the mechanical separation of the garment from the fabric is the result of heat in the cutting knife. It can burn, especially in fabrics with high levels of thermoplastic fibers. The fabric can melt along the cut edge of the fabric, and if the fabric melts, the cut edges will stick to one another, making it very difficult to separate them. Stands and separates but the yarn comes out along the cut edge.

Sometimes the molten polymers take on the shape of six grains after cooling. Even after making the garment, all those grains remain and when the garment is used, it is like cutting on the body. Frictional heat control measures can be taken to avoid all these problems while cutting clothes. The cutting knife should be sharpened to reduce the frictional heat. Antifusion paper can be used. Silicone lubricant can be sprayed on the cutting knife during cutting, the height of the cloth can be reduced and the speed of the cutting knife can be reduced.

(D) Support of the Lay:

Requirements and terms of fabric cutting. The surface of the table on which the cloth lay will be cut is related to the cutting method. The surface of the cutting table should be able to bear the lay of the fabric and also ensure that the minimum ply of the fabric is cut at the same time when cutting. Otherwise, various problems may arise.

(E) Consistent cutting:

There should be consistency in cutting the fabric even if it is not possible to cut the fabric with the help of any method or cutting machine. In particular, the shape of the limbs cut from the top ply of the cloth to the lowest ply should be the same. Inconsistent cutting may occur due to mechanical or human reasons. This can also be due to inefficiency or negligence.

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