Quality parameters for woven knitted and non-woven fabrics

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Quality parameters for woven knitted and non-woven fabrics:


To test the various quality parameters of woven, Knitted, and Non-woven fabrics, the fabrics must be conditioned for 24 hours in a standard testing environment, i.e. at 65 +- 2% relative humidity and a temperature of 27+- 20C.

Woven fabrics quality parameters:

1. Dimensional characteristics:

A) Length

B) Width

C) Thickness

2. Weight of fabric:

A) Weight per unit area

b) Weight per unit length

3. Fabric strength and extensibility:

A) Tensile strength

B) Tearing strength

4. Threads per inch of fabric:

A) Ends per inch

B) Picksper inch

5. Yarn count:

A) Warp count

B) Weft count

6. Crimp:

A) Warp crimp

B) Weft crimp

7. Handle:

A) Stiffness

B) Ability to hang

8. Crease resistance and crease recovery.

9. Air Permeability.

10. Abrasion resistance.

11. Shrinkages.

12. Different fastness properties:

A) Fastness to light

B) Fastness to washing

C) Fastness to perspiration

D) Fastness of rubbing

13. Water resistance or absorption power.

Knitted fabrics quality parameters:

1. Strength and extensibility of fabric

2. Course density

3. Wales density

4. Loop length

5. Elasticity

6. Deformation

7. Grams per square meter (GSM)

8. Yarn count

9. Design

Non-Woven Fabricsqualityparameters:

1. Strength and extensibility of fabric

2. Weight

3. Thickness

4. Air permeability

5. Crease resistance

6. Stability of washing

7. Stability of dry cleaning

8. Dimensional stability

9. Elasticity

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