Processes of manpower planning

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Processes of manpower planning:


Manpower planning is very important for an organization. The process or procedure prescribed for the formulation of this plan is to be followed. The process or procedures for formulating human resource planning are briefly discussed below:

1. Determining the main goals or objectives of the organization:

Every organization has a basic purpose or goal. The first step or process of formulating a human resource plan is to point out the main goal or objective of the organization.

2. Determining the internal or external environment of the organization:

The second important step in manpower planning is to determine the internal and external environment of the organization. Internal and external influences exist on the functions of every organization.

3. Determining manpower requirements:

The third step in manpower planning is to anticipate the manpower required for the organization! Determining the future manpower requirements of the organization is a very complex matter. Accurate forecasting of the amount of manpower required for the organization in the future is very important.

4. Determining the current manpower of the organization:

Determining the current manpower of the organization is an important issue. This is one of the issues in the process of manpower planning. Providing necessary numerical data on executive officers, subordinate employees, number of workers, etc. in different departments of the organization is very important in manpower planning.

5. Determining the manpower required to implement the plan:

Manpower depends on the implementation of the organization’s plans and the smooth execution of its functions. The organization prepares plans for this purpose and selects the appropriate staff for the implementation of the plan.

6. Determining the quantitative and qualitative quantity of manpower:

Determining the quantitative amount of manpower for an organization as well as determining its qualitative quantity is one of the steps or processes of manpower planning.

7. Labor market analysis:

Market analysis is of great importance among the various processes or methods of manpower planning. The main purpose of market analysis is to find the required source of manpower for the organization.

8. Employee probability survey:

Current employees working in the organization are more likely to leave the workplace. Employees leave the workplace for various reasons. The possibility of resignation is more or less seen in all the big and small organizations. The organization has to take some measures for this situation.

9. Complete manpower forecast:

Manpower planning forecasting is a very important part of this process. The human resource plan is just a complete staffing forecast. It is necessary to make this prediction to determine the size of the total population of the organization.

10. Preparation of manpower mobilization program:

At this stage of the manpower planning process, management needs to adopt a well-organized comprehensive program to mobilize the necessary manpower for the organization. Manpower mobilization programs need to be formulated to suit the real situation.

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