Procedures of selection of staff-employees

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Procedures of selection of staff-employees:

Different organizations follow different procedures in staff-employee selection. The process of staff-employee selection is described below

1. Collection of application form:

In the first stage of staff-employee selection, the interested candidates are asked to submit the application form by giving a brief idea about the position through an advertisement for specifically qualified persons as per the work demand of the organization. Applicants are asked to mention the full name and address of the candidate, educational qualifications, experience, age, nationality, etc.

2. Procedures of selection of staff-employees-Selection test:

After verifying and selecting the applications received, the candidates of the error-free application form are invited to participate in the selection test. The selection test can be in the form of a written or personal interview or both.

A) Written test:

In the written test, it is necessary to verify the educational qualifications, work experience, and general knowledge of the candidates through multiple questions.

B) Personal interview:

Candidates selected based on written test results are invited to appear on the Electoral Board for a personal interview.

3. Preliminary or provisional selection:

In the above process, some candidates are selected for the final selection. This is called preliminary or Provisional Selection.

4. Health check-up:

The physical and mental health of the selected candidates is then examined based on written and personal interviews.

5. Procedures of selection of staff-employees-Search information:

At this stage, information about the character, conduct, work history, etc. is collected from the sources mentioned in the application form about the candidates selected in the preliminary selection.

6. Final selection:

Candidates who have passed the information and health examination are then informed about the Final selection.

7. Recruitment and assignment:

The last recruiting authority issues appointment letters specifying the conditions of employment for the final selection of candidates. After receiving the appointment letter, the candidate can join the organization.

8. Procedures of selection of staff-employees-Contact:

After the employee is hired, the employee is introduced to the employee’s work environment. Moreover, the purpose of the organization is to inform him.

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