Printing process of polyester-cotton blended fabric

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Printing process of polyester-cotton blended fabric:


In this method, two fibers are blended (polyester + cotton) to make cloth. Disperse dye (for polyester) and reactive dye (for cotton) are commonly used for printing such fabrics. Dispersal or duranol dye is commonly used for polyester and Procion dye for cotton. https://bdfabric.com/polyester-fabric-printing-by-disperse-dyes/

Printing process of polyester-cotton blended fabric-Recipe:

Urea → 100 percent

Resist Salt L → 10 percent

Sodium bicarbonate → 15 percent

Calgon PT → 1.5 percent

Dispersol PR → 4.5 percent

Water → 330 percent

Manutex F → 16 percent

White Spirit → 320 percent

Dispersal or Duranol dye → 100 percent

Precision dye → 50 percent

Total → 1000 percent printing paste

Printing Process:

First urea resist salt L, sodium bicarbonate, Calgon PT, and dispersal PR  are dissolved in hot water at a temperature of 60°C to 70°C. The solution is cooled and shaken at high speed to enumerate Manutex F powder in white spirit. The last procion dye is shaken at high speed and spread in the mentioned solution.

In this way, by making a print paste, the cloth is dried after printing. The fabric is then developed by baking for 60 seconds at a temperature of 200°C. In this printing, two types of dyes are used for two types of fibers whose properties are also completely different. Special care must be taken to ensure that no unfix dye remains hard on the unprinted area of ​​the fabric.

The clothes are washed in cold water. The cloth is then treated at a boiling temperature in 1000 percent water with 2 percent Lisapol N and 2 to 4 percent activated charcoal for 5 minutes. The fabric is then thoroughly washed with sprayed water to remove all impurities from the fabric. It is then treated for 5 minutes at 60°C in a solution of 2% Lisapol N in 1000% water. The cloth is then washed thoroughly in cold water and dried.

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