Optical brightening agent in textile

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Optical brightening agent in textile:


Brightening agents are bright, luminous, visible organic matter, which absorbs light at shorter wavelengths and emits light at longer wavelengths. These absorb the invisible ultraviolet ray and emit them into the visible spectrum. https://bdfabric.com/factors-to-be-considered-for-mercerizing/

Brightening agents are used to turn textile products into bright, luminous, and clear white. A special type of finishing process that uses brightening agents to bring excessive whiteness to a textile product is called brightening.

Causes of using a brightening agent:

Bleaching textile products are white, but not exactly bright white. Because it causes yellowing and dullness in the clothes. That means the product is not optically bright. So brightening agents are used to turn textile products into very bright, fresh, and clear white colors. This is a special kind of finishing process.

Optical brightening agent in textile-Some Brightening agents:

The bright whiteness of three types of tones is obtained through the use of optical brightening agents; E.g.

Bluish, Reddish, and Greenish.

(1) Blankophor BSU:

A brightening agent is an optical brightening agent made by Bayer Company. It is very useful for cellulosic fibers. It can be applied with wet-fixation resin on cotton cloth and cotton/polyester blended cloth. It is anionic and easily soluble. A brilliant reddish effect is obtained by using these.

Optical brightening agent

(2) Leucophor PC:

Leucophor PC It is an anti-ionic brightening agent made by Sandoz Company. It is used for polyamide, cellulose, and wool/silk fabrics. Its results in very good when brightening the more durable fabric in Reductive Bath.

(3) Leucophor PAB:

It is also a liquid brightening agent made by Sandoz Company. It gives a neutral white effect to polyamide fabrics. It can be used for protein and cellulose fabrics and has an attractive white effect on the fabric. However, it is more suitable for polyamide and is used at high temperatures or in the pad roller method.

(4) Uritex AT:

Uritex AT brightening agent made by the Ciba Company. It is a Chlorite Resistant Brightening Agent which is mostly used for Acrylic. It gives a white effect to the fabric but also has a faint reddish tone. Its light fastness is very good. Also widely used as a brightening agent in cotton fabrics such as Tinopal 2B and Tinopal ABR.

(5) Blankophor WT:

Used for wool and silk. Umbelliferone is used for wool.

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