Operations for controlling fusing in garments manufacturing

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Operations for controlling fusing in garments manufacturing:


Proper control of the fusing process is required to ensure the quality of the garment. Fusing quality will be satisfactory only if proper fusible interlining selection and proper control of fusing process can be done.The quality of fusing will be better if all the factors that affect the quality of fusing are properly controlled. https://bdfabric.com/steps-to-get-iso-9000-2000-certificate/

In fusing the following issues are properly controlled.

1. Temperature

2. Pressure

3. Fusing time

4. Pilling strength

5. Dry cleaning or washing

1. Operations for controlling fusing in garments manufacturing-Temperature:

The difference in fusing temperature depends on the type of interlining. The interlining manufacturer recommends the temperature of the fusing interlining fuse. The specific temperature for specific interlining is set in the fusing press and the fusing temperature is obtained from the dial of the machine while the machine is running. It is necessary to check whether the fusing temperature obtained from the dial is correct. Pyrometers are used to measure the temperature of a flatbed fusing press. The pyrometer is quite a carryable meter contains thin wired probes. This thin precipitate is fused by placing it in the interlining, so that the fusing temperature is obtained from the dial in the middle of the pyrometer. https://bdfabric.com/working-process-of-uster-evenness-tester/

The Temperature of Continuous Fusing Press The mother thermo paper reacts with one section at a time on a thin and long special type of paper and changes color to a black color. The fusing temperature can be obtained from the scale on the thermo paper by changing the color and placing the thermo paper between thecloths.

2. Pressure:

The bed or roller of the fusing press should have adequate pressure everywhere. Otherwise there is no consistent bond strength between the fused organs. From which the fusing is done, however, it is necessary to know whether the pressure is right or not. The pressure pill is used to measure the pressure and pressure equilibrium by changing the volume of the machine. by running it inside the machine at regular and short distances along the width of the continuous fusing press. This test can be used to control any pressure difference during machine fusing. In addition, all types of fusing machines should be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain proper pressure and pressure balance.

3. Fusing time:

The time for which temperature and pressure are applied on the fabric and interlining of the garment is called the time of fusing. Depending on the interlining and the type of fabric, the fusing time of the fabric is increased or decreased. Usually it takes more time for thick cloth. The quality of fusing is better if the time of fusing is set and controlled properly.

4. Operations for controlling fusing in garments manufacturing-Pilling strength:

During fusing, a bond is formed between the fabric and the interlining of the garment by the resin. As a result, the bond strength is measured to measure the textile and interlining skills of the garment and is compared with the fabric and interlining strength. To measure Bond Strength, Pilling Strength Lamp Tensile Testing Machine is used to measure the strength required to separate the fabric and interlining which is called Pilling Strength or Bond Strength.Measures can also be taken to verify the quality of the fused fabric by measuring the bond strength.

5. Dry cleaning or washing:

Fused parts of the garment are re-examined after dry cleaning or washing with water to determine if there is any change in the visible or bond strength of the garment. Also, during fusing, the color of the fabric of the garment has changed or the fabric has shrunk regularly due to heat is checked.

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