Objectives necessity and importance of combing

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Objectives necessity and importance of combing:


The mini lap is to be prepared before combing. This is because combing machines usually do the work of combing. One-third of the cylinder of the combing machine has 18 rows of needles. Again the top comb has 1 row of needles. These needles continue to work. The combing machine scratches the mini lap horizontally. Usually, the combing machine is next to the drawing machine. Slivers are generated in the drawing machine, which cannot scratch the cylinder and top comb of the combing machine. The combing machine requires a horizontal sheet for combing, which is possible only by having a mini lap. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a mini lap before combing. https://bdfabric.com/wastage-of-draw-frame-machine/

Objectives necessity and importance of combing-Objectives of combing:

Combing is usually done to achieve the following objectives:

1. Removing naps from fiber such as tiny tangles, frozen tiny fibers, etc.

2. Removing fibers of shorter length from the sliver by keeping the specified length.

3. Other unwanted impurities in the sliver that have not been removed in the previous process such as broken leaves, seeds, etc.

4. In the case of scattering of fibers, such as straightening the fibers by removing the fiber hook.

5. Bringing each fiber to a single stage.

6. Bring the fibers to a position parallel to each other and hold them in the same position.

7. Make a balanced sliver of the required weight and store it in the can for easy transfer.

8. Assist in the production of clean, smooth, balanced, and high-strength yarn.

9. Improving the maximum visibility of the yarn produced.

10. Making high-quality yarn from fiber.

11. Remove naps small fibers and other wastes from the fiber.

12. To align and parallel the hooked fibers.

13. Bringing each fiber to the level of a single fiber.

14. Creating a balanced sliver of the specified weight of a single length.

15. Making sliver to make high-quality yarn.

16. Making a balanced and strong yarn of clean light count.

17. Sliver is made of approximately the same length of fiber to make high-quality yarn.

Objectives necessity and importance of combing -Necessity of combing:

Combing is required for the following reasons:

1. For the preparation of high count yarn, the roving provided in the spinning frame needs to be very regular, which is not possible due to the small/short fiber, so the short/small fiber is removed in the form of noils in the combing machine.

2. Twist is usually provided in the case of high count yarns, which is not possible with short/small fibers.

3. To get bright shiny yarn, it is necessary to remove small fibers.

4. Tiny fibers are a hindrance to the strength of the yarn, so it is necessary to remove the tiny fibers to increase the strength of the yarn.

5. In the case of preparation of high count yarn, it is necessary to provide more drafts in the ring frame. Fiber drop is more due to small fibers waste is increased and Irregularity is increased due to more draft.

6. It is necessary to have a combing machine in the spinning line to prepare the yarn of 60/1 count or above count.

Importance of combing:

The importance of combing is immense for the following reasons:

1. Making a sliver suitable for making yarn by removing a certain amount of short fiber from processed cotton fiber.

2. Combing is used to remove impurities left after the processing of blow-rooms and carding machines.

3. Naps existing in sliver or fibers are almost completely removed.

4. Remove hooks caused by pre-processing and trim as much as possible.

5. Combing is required to produce a balanced, high-strength, clean and fine yarn.

6. It is possible to give less twist of yarn produced by combing process. As a result, there is no possibility of a reduction in production efficiency and at the same time production rate is reduced due to an increase in production rate.

7. Above all, making sliver/roving suitable for making high-quality yarn from low-quality raw material.

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