Methods of measuring morale of the employees

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Methods of measuring morale of the employees:


Manual evaluation is very important for the smooth and efficient execution of management functions. Proper measurement or evaluation of morale is important for managerial success.

The following is a brief discussion of the methods of measuring the morale of the employee.

(A) Methods of measuring morale of the employees-Record analysis:

The best method of measuring or evaluating employees is to analyze the records kept in the personnel management department. This record records all the activities of the employees during their tenure.

The records kept in the personnel department are as follows:

1. Individual productivity:

If the productivity of the employee is comparatively higher then it must be understood that the morale of the employee is higher. In other words, increasing the personal productivity of the employee means that the maneuver is higher.

2. Measurement of tiredness:

Excessive fatigue of the employee during the performance is a sign of low morale. It can be collected from records stored in the employee’s file.

3. Analyzing complaint record:

In performance, various irregularities, negligence, non-cooperation, disobedience, etc. of the employee are recorded in personal files. If the amount of accusations is high, it is considered low and if the amount of accusations is low, it is deemed to be high.

4. Labor rotation and absence rate:

When the rate of arrival, departure, and absence of employees in the organization is high, it indicates the low morale of the employees. On the other hand, if the rate of the mentioned subjects is low, it carries the identity of high morale of the employees.

5. Misuse of money and assets:

If the waste of money and misuse of resources of the organization is high, it carries the identity of low morale. In cases where the morale of the employees is high, the employees are very careful about the assets of the organization.

6. Accident and mishap record:

The higher the number of accidents and mishaps among the employees in the organization, the lower the morale of the employees, and the opposite is the case with the higher morale.

7. Physical condition of employees:

Physical condition exerts influence over the mental condition. Therefore, in all the organizations where the rate of physical illness of the employees is relatively high, the morale of the employees is considered low. The opposite situation is indicative of high maneuverability.

8. Direct complaint:

A complaint box is placed at the designated place to receive complaints from employees. Employees can express their views and complaints through the application. In this system, the identity of the personal morale of the employees is found.

(B) Methods of measuring morale of the employees-Non-formal method:

Employees are evaluated accordingly in the following non-formal manner.

1. Supervisors report:

In this method verbal or written report about the employees is collected from the supervisor. Employees’ morale can be informed through the report received from the supervisor.

2. Managerial observation:

The management can directly monitor the behavior of employees by observing their behavior. Skilled management can notice changes in employees’ behavior.

3. Interview with reigned or discharged employees:

Employees can be informed about their morale by voluntarily resigning from the organization and interviewing the fired employees.

4. Opinion survey system:

The survey method has proved to be very effective and practical in revealing accurate information on any important subject. It is possible to get a clear idea about the maneuver by verifying the employees’ opinions through the survey method.

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