Methods of job evaluation and employee evaluation

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Methods of job evaluation and employee evaluation:

Methods of job evaluation:

The Methods of job evaluation of the position given in the organization can be deduced using different methods. The following are the different methods of evaluating terms:

1. Ranking method:

This is an ancient and simple method of determining the value of terms. In this way, the work of the organization is arranged according to its importance. The importance of tasks is determined based on the contribution of the components involved in each task.

2. Job classification method:

According to this method, all the posts of the organization are divided into several categories based on the characteristics, importance, responsibilities, work environment, human qualities, craftsmanship, and ancillary issues of the position. The officers of the organization are classified into one class, the lower officers into one class, and the clerks into another class.

3. Material comparison method:

In this method, benchmark terms are compared with other terms. How many common elements does each work have? Judging by these materials and ingredients, their value is determined in terms of money. The term value is then determined by adding the financial value of all the components.

4. Point system:

It is a quantitative method of evaluating work. The value of a term is determined by adding all the numbers of the components of each term to evaluate the term. In this plan, the elements of the post are divided into several parts. The total points are divided into different elements according to their importance by determining the total number for all the elements to be considered. Finally, the total Assessment of terms is determined by adding points.

Methods of employee evaluation:

Methods of job evaluation and employee evaluation. Evaluation of workers is considered to be a very important issue for every organization. The various methods or techniques of the merit rating process are briefly discussed below:

1. Annual confidential report:

The annual reporting system is a widely used confidential reporting system. According to this method, the senior officers of the organization secretly collect a lot of information about the subordinate employees about their performance and these are stored in the documents of the concerned employees.

2. Rating method:

The rating system is one of the different methods of employee evaluation. According to this method, the form with the required qualities for the performance of the work assigned to the employee is provided to the evaluator.

3. Point method:

The number point method is one of the most common methods for employee evaluation. The rule of this method is that the characteristics or qualities of the person required to perform a particular task are identified and the number is given at a fixed rate for the qualities selected according to the position of the worker.

4. Checklist method:

The checklist method is a common practice in employee evaluation. The rule of this method is to compile a list of questions that can, directly and indirectly, affect the performance of the employee. Which is given to the officer in charge of the evaluation.

5. Mandatory distribution method:

According to this method, the performance of the employees is evaluated by comparing it with the pre-determined grade. This is why it is called the Mandatory distribution method.

6. Mandatory assessment strategy:

According to this method, special details are used for staff evaluation. Adjective descriptions are presented in identical pairs.

The above methods can make a significant contribution to employee evaluation.

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