Methods of application of various direct dyes

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Methods of application of various direct dyes:

The method of application of different direct dyes is as follows

# Self Leveling Dye Application Method.

# Salt controllable dyes application method.

# Application method of temperature controllable dyes.

# Self Leveling Dye Application Method:

Dye liqueur preparation method:

Methods of application of various direct dyes. The dyestuff is first converted into a paste by cold water and a solution of this paste is made with the help of boiling water and this solution is taken in a dye bath. Dye liqueur is then prepared by mixing soda ash with 5%, common salt 15%, and temperature at 40°C – 60°C.


Now the textile product that needs to be dyed is left in the dye liqueur of the bath and heated for 30 to 60 minutes and brought to boiling temperature. In this condition the product becomes dyed. After boiling the product in 1-2% soap solution for 10 to 15 minutes, the product retains its permanent color and finally, the dyeing is completed by washing it in cold water.

# Methods of direct dyes-Salt controllable dyes application method:

Dye liquor preparation method:

Dye liquor preparation is similar to the self-leveling method. However, it does not first add common salt (NaCl).


Similar to self-leveling dyeing, but the salt solution is added during boiling.

Dyeing Machine

# Methods of direct dyes- Application method of temperature controllable dyes:

Liquor preparation method:

Similar to self-leveling dyes and salt controllable dyes methods, but Salt (NaCl) is not added.


The dyeing method is similar to the salt controllable dyes method.


Direct dyes of each class are made according to the following recipe. E.g.

Dye → 2% (based on product weight)

Soda ash → 5% (based on product weight)

NaCl → 15%

Temperature → Boiling point

Time→ 1 hour.

M: L → 1:20

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