Labor law of Bangladesh

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Labor law of Bangladesh:


Although agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting, etc. were popular at one time, the industry is the main source of livelihood in the modern world. The industrialized countries are now at the peak of development. So different types of industries have developed in different countries of the world. From small cottage industries to high technology heavy industries can be seen more or less in all countries. For the smooth management of these industries, the government of Bangladesh has introduced various rules and regulations, which are called the labor and industrial laws of Bangladesh.

Labor law of Bangladesh-Importance of labor and industrial laws:

Labor and industrial law not only contributes to the development of industry-related employers and the working class but also ensures the economic development of a country as a whole. The importance of industrial law is discussed below:

1. Labor law of Bangladesh-Workers’ safety provisions:

The safety of workers in the workplace has been largely ensured by the provisions of the Labor and Industry law, such as creating opportunities for trade unions, unjustified dismissals or dismissals, compensation for accidents in the workplace, and safety measures in the workplace.

2. Awareness raising for workers:

Labor and industrial law has not only ensured the rights of workers from their employers but has also made them aware of their rights and organized them in the workplace.

3. Relationships:

Conflicts are lessened when both workers and employers are aware of their rights, responsibilities, powers, and duties through labor and industrial law. If any industrial conflict occurs for any reason, it develops the relationship by setting it under the Labor and Industrial Act.

4. To achieve economic development of the country:

Labor and industrial law continued the trend of production through the development of labor-management relations. Production in industrial establishments plays a helpful role in employment and economic development in the country.

5. Ensuring the health and welfare of workers:

The environment in which workers are generally forced to work is often the cause of their ill health. The Labor and Industry law has included various provisions to ensure the health and welfare of the workers in the workplace, which has protected a significant section of society from serious dangers.

6. Labor law of Bangladesh-Social security provisions:

The present industrial-dependent world working class is a significant part of any society. People of different classes of society, directly and indirectly, including their families, depend on this class again. The Labor and Industry law provides for social security by providing employment security, ensuring minimum wage, timely payment of wages, compensation in case of need, pension provident fund, gratuity, etc.

7. Establishment of workers’ status:

Labor and industrial law has also established workers in their seats of dignity. They have also got the opportunity to negotiate on issues related to the interests of the workers in the organization. Labor and industry law has provided an opportunity to sit at the same table with the owners.

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