Jute apron draft spinning frame

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Jute apron draft spinning frame:


This spinning frame is called Apron Draft Spinning Frame because it is drafted with a few pairs of rollers and aprons. The original drafting of the sliver is very nicely controlled by the apron draft spinning. The apron draft spinning frame produces much more than the conventional spinning frame and the yarn is much more balanced. The strength of the yarn is high. https://bdfabric.com/slip-draft-sliver-spinning-frame/

The main parts of the machine:

1. Sliver guide

2. Retaining roller

3. Top pressing roller

4. Double rubber apron

5. Drawing roller

6. Drawing pressing roller

7. Yarn stop detector

8. Flyer or Baxter flyer

9. Bobbin

Apron Spinning Frame

Working principle of Jute apron draft spinning frame:

The crimped sliver obtained from the finisher drawing is fed from the back of the apron spinning frame. The sliver first enters through the sliver guide behind the drafting zone of the spinning frame and moves through the retaining and pressing roller into the front pair of aprons. Here the original drafting of the sliver is organized. Because aprons can easily control all fibers. This means that high-quality yarn can be made from low-quality jute only through an apron draft frame. https://bdfabric.com/jute-spinning-frame-and-its-objectives/

The aprons control all the fibers and send them to the drawing roller. Delivery is made by touching the draft lightweight sliver yarn detector. The delivered sliver is twisted here and turns into yarn. The flyer spins at its speed and spins on the bobbin carrier in bobbin yarn tension. The difference in the circumference of the flyer and the bobbin helps to make the yarn on the button. When the bobbin yarn is full, the machine is turned off, the full bobbin is removed, and the machine is restarted with an empty bobbin.

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